Armed Forces
Young Deployed in Iraq Operation
By Sussex County Online
Sep 15, 2003, 17:32

Army Sgt. William T. Young has deployed overseas to a forward operating location to support the mission of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Operation Iraqi Freedom is the official name given to military operations involving U.S. and coalition forces efforts to disarm and end the current Iraqi regime and eliminate its weapons of mass destruction, weapons capabilities and delivery systems, and use of chemical and biological agents.

The focus of the mission is to liberate the Iraqi people, preserve Iraq as a unified state, keep its territorial integrity intact, and help the Iraqi people begin the process of economic and political reconstruction.

Young is a cargo specialist/section leader with six years of military service.

He is the son of Leigh W. Young of Quail Run Circle, Parksley, Va.

His wife, Linda, is the daughter of John and Patricia Robertson of Ellendale, Del.

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