Opinion: Vets' Home Still Needs Action
2nd Vice Commander Department of Delaware
Americon Legion of the United States of America
Mar 3, 2005, 11:37

This is a call to the more than 87-thousand veterans of military service in the First State.

In 2004, led by our current Commander Corbit Goff, a rally was organized for the purpose of galvanizing the Governor and our elected officials to act now for a long overdue State of Delaware Veteranís Home.

We accomplished this by a rigorous campaign through the news media for a Veterans Home. A home to be built now, not built more than 8 years in the future as was the plan at that time.

Last yearsí media blitz performed by Commander Goff, and myself, through constant appearances on radio and television talk shows, and opinion editorials, such as this one, asking the veterans to support a veteranís home led to the predication that thousands would be on and for that rally.

That rally came about during a discussion held during the 2003 visit of American Legion National Commander John Breeden , leader of the worldís largest veteranís organization, , Department of Delaware Commander Gorbit Goff and his staff, Delaware Speaker of the House Terry Spence and the Leadership of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees.

Now, one year later, The General Assembly is currently in recess while the annual budget is discussed. Governor Minner is in the process of naming the overseer of the Veterans home and has proffered DHSS (Dept of Health and Social Services) to take the lead.

Now is not the time to rest on our laurels on the Delaware Veterans Home issue.

This is the time to contact your elected officials about your feelings as to who should be the overseer of our Veteranís Home.

On March 10, 2005, Commander Goff has called for a rally to support our troops, the third such rally since 9-11.  National Commander Thomas Cadmus will be the guest speaker at the 7 p.m. rally to be held at Legislative Hall on the Mall, rain or shine.

Again the National Commander and our Department of Delaware staff will visit with Executive Branch members, members of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees, the Delaware Veterans Affairs Commission and Executive Director Tony Davala. And again the American legion will join with ití sister veterans organizations and the veterans of Delaware in asking that the overseer for the veterans Home should be the Delaware Veterans Affairs Commission.

We believe that VETERANS should overseer this special home. After all, who knows better as to what a veterans needs are than the VETERAN. And because of that belief we strongly feel that the Delaware Veterans Affairs Commission should be given that role.

The Department of Delaware and Commander Corbit Goff proved that with a strong veteranís voice we can make a difference.

We need your help now. Call, FAX or write to your State Representative and Senator today.  Let them know that this is what we want!

Urge the Senate and House Committee members of the Veterans Affairs Committee to stand strong in their support of this action.

DHSS can not efficiently and effectively control what it has on its plate now (I.E. the Governor Bacon Facility).

Tell everyone concerns that there is no better group to watch the interest of veterans than veterans themselves.

Veterans MUST have a hand in what happens in this facility.

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