Sussex Paramedics Promoted
Jul 24, 2004, 12:09

Four Sussex County paramedics have been promoted to district supervisor positions to bring the total number of district supervisors to 8.

Eric Harris, Mike Pusey, Robert Mauch and Andy Wile received the promotions. Pusey and Mauch have been assigned to EMS 100 and will be responsible for supervising personnel on the east side of the county. Harris and Wile have been assigned to supervise personnel at EMS 200 on the county's west side.

The promotions give Sussex County Emergency Medical Services one district supervisor on the west side of the county and one on the east side of the county for all four shifts.

In addition, paramedics Stu Hensley, Eric Huovenin and Tedd Winneberger have been promoted to Paramedic III. They will assist with supervision within the department, assume administrative responsibilities, and fill in for the district supervisor when necessary.

Promoted to Paramedic II were Valerie Elkins, Ed Engdahl, Ray Fulkrod, Lori Goldman, Joseph Hopple, John Jacobs, Wayne Jester, Mark Murphy, Gwen Roth and Jill Wix.

The department has more than 90 employees and 80 certified paramedics.

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