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Governor Fine After Knee Surgery
By Sussex County Online
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Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner was recuperating and doing well after knee surgery at at Bayhealth Medical Center-Kent General Hospital in Dover on Monday, Oct. 27, 2003.and the Governor is doing well, her surgeon said.

Gov. Minner's surgeon, Dr. Stephen Tooze, said the governor's surgery took a little more than two hours and went as planned.

The governor was in the recovery room late in the morning on Oct. 27.

"Everything went perfectly and the Governor is awake with good sensation in her legs," Dr. Tooze said. "Everything went nice and smooth. We even listened to the Beatles during the surgery."

Gov. Minner will remain at Kent General for a few days and then be transferred to a Milford rehabilitation facility, where she will stay for a few more days. After her release, Gov. Minner will take part in regular physical therapy as she returns to her schedule of meetings and events.

According to the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, approximately 267,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed each year.

During the surgery, worn cartilage and bone in the knee are replaced with plastic and metal components, restoring function to the knee and reducing pain.

The governor did not transfer powers to Lt. Gov. John Carney during her surgery.

Before the surgery, Gov. Minner said she planned to resume conducting state business by phone and with staff the day after the surgery. Once she leaves the rehabilitation center, she will likely be walking with assistance, such as a cane, for a period of time.

"Unfortunately for some of us, our joints wear out before we do. But modern medicine has some amazing ways to replace them," Gov. Minner said before the operation.

"I expect my knee -- which has given me some trouble in the last few months -- to feel as good as new after this surgery and Iím certainly looking forward to that."

Gov. Minner previously had surgery to repair her left knee in 1998.

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