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Governor Proposes Major Reorganization
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Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner proposed a major state government reorganization that she says will improve service to state agencies and save the state hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2005, Minner said her proposal would consolidate the Office of State Personnel and a large portion of the Department of Administrative Services with the Office of the Budget to form a new Office of Management and Budget.

A residual portion of the Department of Administrative Services will be placed under the Department of State.

The proposal must be passed by the General Assembly during the current legislative session to take effect.

"This reorganization makes sense for the efficient and effective operation of central state government services," Minner said. "By creating the Office of Management and Budget, we are centralizing the authority to manage major state assets including people, financial resources, land use planning and state facilities."

The reorganization would affect more than 400 state employees, but no jobs will be eliminated except for the two cabinet secretary positions. Immediate savings are expected to be $300,000 annually, with the potential for more savings as efficiencies are identified, Minner said.

Gov. Minner cited several other benefits to the reorganization, including quicker processing of several state personnel processes, strengthening links between major categories of state government investment such as employee compensation and budget, and improving service to state agency customers.

In addition, this proposal is expected to generate operating budget savings through the consolidation of four cabinet agencies into two, she said.

"The agencies involved in this reorganization are not often in the public eye but do provide many of the services that allow other state operating agencies to effectively carry out their responsibilities to Delaware’s citizens," said Minner.

Gov. Minner will propose legislation later this month to temporarily transfer the appropriate authority to the Budget Director over the Personnel Office and parts of Administrative Services and give authority to the Secretary of State over the remaining sections of Administrative Services.

Comprehensive legislation amending Delaware State Code for these changes must be passed by the General Assembly during the current legislative session to make them permanent.

A summary of the reorganization proposal is below.

The new Office of Management and Budget would consist of the following current agencies:

  • Budget Office
  • Office of State Personnel
  • Divisions of Facilities Management (currently in DAS)
  • Division of Support Services (currently in DAS)

The Department of State would expand to include the following agencies currently in DAS:

  • Public Integrity Commission (PIC)

  • Merit Employees Relation Board (MERB)

  • Public Employee Relation Board (PERB)

  • Public Advocate

  • Public Service Commission (PSC)

  • Professional Regulation

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