Governor Signs FY2011 Budget
Jul 1, 2010, 17:09

Dover, DE – On July 1, 2010, the Delaware General Assembly passed and Governor Jack Markell signed into law a new Fiscal Year 2011 balanced budget for the state of Delaware. 

It focuses on creating jobs and growing the economy while reducing the number of state positions.  It allows Delaware to meet increasing demands for government services like education, healthcare, public safety, the health of our environment and our quality of life, according to the Governor.

The budget has 1,026 fewer positions and spends $50 million less than the state budget passed two years ago.  It contains over $48.9 million in state agency operating cuts, requires our 19 school districts to seek efficiencies for back office functions ($20.8 million) and makes common sense reductions to limit the rapidly rising costs of student transportation ($3.7 million).

"It's a balanced budget that accounts for increased demands on state services and provides resources to invest in bringing in new jobs," said Governor Markell.  "This budget was built by months of bipartisan effort and compromise and I thank legislators for their hard work."

"This is a budget that recognizes how critical it is to get people to work that need jobs; it invests in our schools; it protects public safety and it improves our quality of life," said the Governor.

Budget Fast Facts

·         Over $50M less than state budget passed in FY 2009

·         530 less positions than last year’s budget  (1,026 positions less than budget two years ago)

·         $48.9M in state agency operating cuts

·         Demand for state services like education and healthcare up

·         $6M increase in the education budget attributable to enrollment growth (111 new teachers)

·         $104.2M increase in the Medicaid budget due to growing number of Delawareans eligible

·         Budget balanced, despite $110.2M reduction in available federal stimulus funds in FY’11

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