Kerry Takes Delaware Democratic Primary


Feb 3, 2004, 23:02

John Kerry of Massachussetts staged a decisive victory in Delaware over the other eight men vying for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2004 presidential race.

Kerry took 50.5 percent of the total votes cast in Delaware, with 16,729. In all, 33,146 Democrats went to the polls on Tuesday.

None of the other candidates came close to Kerry -- Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut took 11.1 percent, or 3,683 votes; barely edging out third place finisher John Edwards of North Carolina, who had 11 percent or 3,657 votes.

The remaining six candidates together garnered only 27.4 of the total votes in Delaware. Here are their totals, in order of finish:

  • Howard Dean, 10.4 percent, 3,439;
  • Wesley K. Clark, 9.5 percent, 3,145;
  • Alfred C. Sharpton, 5.7 percent, 1,885;
  • Dennis Kucinich, 1 percent, 343;
  • Richard Gephardt, 0.6 percent, 187; and
  • Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., 0.2 percent, 78 votes.

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