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Campaign 2000...

Eric Magill, Sussex County Online

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Campaign 2000...

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Carper chats with supporters at the Dutch Oven Restaurant in Millsboro on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2000.

As I walked into the Dutch Oven Restaurant in Millsboro to interview Delaware Governor Thomas R. Carper regarding his U.S. Senate race against long-time incumbent Bill Roth, a campaign spokesperson handed me a newspaper article.

Tom CarperThe governor's staff had seen my column of support for Senator Roth in the general election on Nov. 7, noting the Senator's battles against the Internal Revenue Service and his influence in Washington, D.C., as reasons to keep him there.

The newspaper article refuted the more than 800 complaints that citizens had made about IRS abuses during hearings conducted by Sen. Roth in 1997 and 1998.

I had already seen other similar articles and knew that the IRS was the agency refuting the claims after conducting its own investigations of its own people. Big surprise there!

That illustrates, though, the political savvy that has won Carper two terms as Delaware's governor after five terms as Delaware's U.S. Representative. That's something Bill Roth should not underestimate in his bid for a sixth consecutive term in the U.S. Senate.

Citing his record as governor as proof of what he would do as a U.S. Senator, Gov. Carper makes a strong case for his bid to move into the Senate, and he does so without mentioning the 75-year-old Roth's age, surely to be an issue in this campaign, at least in voters' minds if not something that anyone discusses publicly.

For Roth, it's past time to start participating in this race. The Senator's reluctance to participate in the campaign by refusing to schedule a debate, answer any questions raised by Carper, or even post his positions on the many important issues facing our nation on his own web site, could harm him if he doesn't quickly step up to the plate after Labor Day as promised.

As you will see in the transcripts from Wednesday's interview with Carper, the governor believes the federal government should limit itself to helping people do things that they can't do for themselves.

He believes the federal government should concern itself mainly with education, infrastructure, business conditions, the environment, development and open space, health care, and public safety.

He wants to use the projected $1.8 trillion surplus over the next 10 years to "shore up" Social Security and Medicare, make targeted investments in education and health care, and use a half-trillion dollars for a "targeted" tax cut.

Carper said he would work to eliminate the marriage penalty, provide estate tax relief, make the research and development tax cut permanent, and exempt tuition assistance from employers from taxes.

He favors campaign finance reform (seeing that as a major issue this fall) and beach replenishment programs, is against allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons, is pro choice on abortion, believes Internet sales should be taxed but Internet access should not, and feels the country has difficult decisions ahead regarding its expenditures on the U.S. Miltary.

Follow the links at the top of this page to read, listen to, or view Carper's philosophy on the role government should play in our lives and his position on a number of issues facing the country.

Carper Audios ...

Click on the following links for Audio of Delaware Governor Tom Carper's comments during a Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2000 interview regarding his U.S. Senate race against incumbent Bill Roth in this November's general election.

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Carper Videos ...

The following video clips highlight some of Delaware Governor Tom Carper's comments during a Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2000 interview regarding his U.S. Senate race against incumbent Bill Roth. For a complete Q&A of the interview, click here.

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