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County Council Race ...

Claims Second Term in
Third Councilmanic District

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Lynn Rogers

Lynn Rogers
7,316 Votes
56.1 Percent

David Wilson

David Wilson
5,714 Votes
43.9 Percent

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Lynn Rogers won a second term as the county councilman for the Sussex County Council's third councilmanic district with a victory over challenger David L. Wilson on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2000.

Rogers, a Democrat, received 7,316 votes, or 56.1 percent, to Wilson's 5,714 votes, or 43.9 percent.

"I said all along I looked at this election as an evaluation of my performance by my boss, the people," said Rogers, "and if I had a good evaluation they'd give me the privilege of going back four more years and they've done that and I thank them and now it's my job to still give them 250 percent every day."

Rogers, the owner of Rogers Sign Co. in Milton, won the county's third councilmanic district in 1996. During this campaign, he promised to seek a reduction in sewer utility rates, revise the county's land use plan, and strengthen communications with state and federal agencies.

He also said he would work for additional employment opportunities in the county, and continue to provide affordable county government and additional library and emergency services.

Rogers said Wilson made him work for this victory.

"We had an opponent that worked extremely hard, oh my God," said Rogers. "It's been a daily campaign road and we had lots of candidate forums this time and they were just draining there were so many of them. It's been a long haul, March to now. He filed in July and ever since the day he filed you could see how serious he was and if you've been through this area you could see how serious he was. It was tough. It was a hard campaign and we didn't give up."

Wilson, Sussex County's Register in Chancery, campaigned largely on the 800mhz emergency phone system that he says still doesn't work in many areas despite the $800,000 price tag.

The well-known auctioneer and owner of Wilson's Auctions in Lincoln also campaigned on a platform of revising user and assessment fees, reducing the tax burden, returning the tax surplus to taxpayers, revising the 911 system for Milford residents in Sussex County whose calls go to Kent County, and providing Internet software blockers in school libraries.

He also said he would seek hold county council meetings at night.

Rogers said his main priorities during the next four years will be to review the county's comprehensive land use plan over the next two years, establish a sewer district in Ellendale, lower sewer rates throughout the county, generate more high tech jobs for young people in the area, the Sussex County Airport, county libraries, fire and emergency services, and improve communications with state and federal agencies.

"One of the main priorities of the entire council this time is land use," said Rogers. "Land use is a very serious issue we have to dig into with our land use advisory committee. We need to get all of the input from the public that we can because this document is not perfect. A land use plan is really a guide for density and growth and where it should be and not be. It needs to be improved and we're working on that."

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