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Ewing Wins
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State House, 35th District ...

Republican Incumbent
Goes Back to Dover

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Richard M. Lindale

Richard M. Lindale
3,025 Votes
41.9 Percent

J. Benjamin Ewing

J. Benjamin Ewing
4,188 Votes
58.1 Percent

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Incumbent J. Benjamin Ewing easily won re-election to the state's House of Representatives' 35th District on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2000.

Ewing defeated challenger Richard M. Lindale with 4,188 votes, or 58.1 percent, to Lindale's 3,025 votes, or 41.9 percent.

A 69-year-old Republican, Ewing has served as the 35th District Representative since 1987.

"My campaign was very, very friendly," said Ewing. "I have a very good opponent. He and I agree on just about all of the issues."

He said the most important issues facing the state are education, health care, the environment, public safety and roads. Ewing said the education reforms enacted last year need to be regularly reviewed to ensure they are working.

"Education, health care, the environment, building new schools, especially," said Ewing when asked about his priorities for his new term. "Veterans, I've got a bll in to increase their pensions. Special attention to fire companies. Anything my constituents want, I'll try my best to do for them."

He also said he would like to help families with affordable health insurance, protect air and water from pollution, provide more funding for local police agencies, and see DelDOT devise a plan to maintain rural roads.

Lindale, a 38-year-old Democrat from Houston, cited education, land use, responsive government, prisons and health care as the most pressing issues facing the state.

He said the state needs to be vigilant about preserving its land and needs to continue to work to reduce the prison population.

"The biggest concern in this area that has been brought to my attention is education," said Lindale. "I think everybody wants the very best education we can get for our kids. A lot's been done but a lot more has to be done."

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