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Carey Wins
36th Rep. Race

State House, 36th District ...

Incumbent Wins
Re-Election to House

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Vance G. Daniels
2,939 Votes
35.7 Percent


V. George Carey
5,295 Votes
64.3 Percent

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Incumbent V. George Carey captured re-election to the state House of Representatives 36th District seat on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2000.

V. George CareyCarey received 5,295 votes, or 64.3 percent, compared to challenger Vance G. Daniels' 2,939 votes, or 35.7 percent.

"The key I guess is people for the Democrats coming across and voting for me and Republicans voting for me," said Carey. "The other thing is I try to represent people the best I can and get back with their calls and be as accessible as I can and I think they appreciate that and I appreciate their support."

A 72-year-old Republican, Carey said during the campaign that the state needs to carefully monitor the education accountability system, preserve open space and enforce water quality standards, increase drug prevention programs, eliminate taxes on pension income, and expand the state's prescription drug assistance bill to cover more senior citizens.

"The education, the roads, how our population in Sussex County and our land is being used and developed, open space and greenways is mainly what people spoke about, and the environment," said Carey of his discussions with voters.

"All of the issues will be focused in. Education, we passed an accountability bill, but a major bill like that I'm certain when we try to implement it it will need some adjusting or whatever, likely that's to be one of the main things."

Daniels, a 58-year-old Democrat from Lincoln, said if elected he would work for a quality educational system, health care and medicine insurance for seniors, more jobs for young families, improvement of local roads, and increasing the number of schools and teachers. He expressed concern that the state would take over some local school systems if school boards didn't improve them.

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