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Price Wins
38th Rep. Race

State House, 38th District ...

Says Campaign 'More
Negative' Than Expected

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Shirley Price

Shirley Price
8,632 Votes
63.9 Percent

Kenneth Sutton

Ken Sutton III
4,876 Votes
36.1 Percent

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Incumbent Shirley Price won re-election to the state House of Represenatives 38th District on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2000.

Saying she felt the negative tone of the campaign toward the end actually helped her, Price won 8,632 votes (63.9 percent) to challenger Ken Sutton III's 4,876 votes (36.1 percent).

Sutton's campaign criticized Price's record on attending transportation committee meetings in mailers and radio ads toward the end of the campaign.

That didn't sit well with Price, who said the campaign became "more negative than I've been used to." Price defended her record, saying she raised millions of dollars for improvements of local roads during her last term.

Sutton said, "We ran a very good, positive campaign. We stuck to the issues."

The 51-year-old Democrat from Millville has been the 38th District's representative since 1996. She said the inland bays and growth issues are the most important issues in her district.

"I think the congestion in our area, the road conditions, they (voters) know I've taken a line on that," said Price Tuesday night just before the polls closed at Lord Baltimore Elementary in Ocean View. "The inland bays, the water quality, that's been a real important thing today and it's important that we start to do something about it."

She said she wanted to continue to press the bills she had introduced to on land use and water quality, would continue to work to fine-tune educational accountability, would work to give all Delawareans access to health care, and would continue to grapple with growth issues.

"It's gonna be the inland bays," said Price to emphasize the importance of that issue in the upcoming session. "It's gonna be land use issues and how we coordinate our infrastructure with the quickness of our development in our area. We also need to go back and revisit education. We did a lot of things really quickly and we need to go back this year and I know we will look at that."

Sutton, a 54-year-old Republican from Roxana, said he was running because he felt the 38th District needed better representation in Dover. He said he would work to improve education, protect communities, cut taxes for seniors and working families, improve the health care system, and use a common-sense approach to land use issues.

"There were several concerns," said Sutton of his discussions with 38th District voters. "There are actually probably four major concerns, one of those being education. They (voters) feel we should have smaller class sizes.

"The next thing was land use in the county. Also, infrastructure was a major issue and transportation. The next thing was prescription drugs."

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