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U.S. House Race

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Newcomer's Vote Total

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Mike Castle

Michael N. Castle
211,546 Votes
67.6 Percent

Mike Miller

Micheal C. Miller
96,538 Votes
30.9 Percent

Incumbent Michael N. Castle easily won his U.S. House of Representatives seat with a big victory over newcomer Micheal C. Miller of Lewes on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2000.

Castle won 67.6 percent of the vote, or 211,546 votes, compared to Miller's 96,538 votes or 30.9 percent.

In conceding the race, Miller, a 31-year-old Democrat who had not run for political office before, acknowledged that he didn't have nearly enough money to unseat a popular incumbent but expressed hope that his 30 percent showing would be remembered by voters in two years.

Castle, the popular 61-year-old Republican from Wilmington, said the federal tax surplus should be used to pay down the public debt, keep Social Security in a lock box, provide for Medicare into the future, and ensure government programs are adequately funded. He added that he believed tax relief could be enacted without endangering government services.

Miller said he decided to run against the popular incumbent because he believed he could make a difference in the lives of the state's residents. He said Castle couldn't effectively represent the working families of the state because he didn't understand the daily pressures they face.

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