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By Keykey on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 09:45 am:

I play sports at Woodbridge High School, and next year there may not be any sports. I really do not want to go to another school but that is my only option if Woodbridge don't have any sports next year. There will be ANOTHER referendum and I pray that it pass. There is alot of talent at Woodbridge and it's shame if they don't have any sports. Not just sports but ALL extra-circulum activities such as honor socity and prom. I just wanna know everyone opioion.

By WoodBridge District Resident on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 11:23 am:

With the lack of spelling and grammar skills displayed in these posts, in both threads referencing the situation at Woodbridge, might I suggest more classroom time and less extra-curricular concern? Perhaps?

Public schooling is not intended to provide you or anyone for that matter with a venue of sports activities or social events, rather it is intended to educate you. Therefor, if sports and other extra-curricular activities are not in the budget, so be it. Focus on academic proficiency and learn to crawl before you walk, or run, or tackle, or throw, or shoot baskets, or whatever it is that you do aside from learning.

By twilliams on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 01:51 pm:

You know, I hate to do this but,


It takes a brilliant person to come on an internet forum and criticize someone's spelling and then make an error themselves. Way to go.

But the real issue here is the fact that the parents of these students do not care enough to vote for these referenda. It takes a lot of money to run a school. Teacher and adminstrator salaries, grounds and building maintenance, equipment and supplies all cost money. The Woodbridge district is notorious for voting down these proposed increases. The statement, "You get what you pay for." is accurate in all things, even education.

"...rather it is intended to educate you."

I would submit to you that sports programs do educate students. They are great for teaching social skills. Participation in team sports teaches kids how to get along with others, how to work together for a common cause (even if your backgrounds are different), and they provide an environment where a child can belong to a stable unit in a world filled with instability in the family. This goes for other activities such as band and cheerleading as well.

Myabe I'm wrong, but this thirty something adult feels the need to support the education system in its entirety, academic and athletics included.

By Sc4life on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 09:10 pm:

i also think that kids should be more concerned with school work rather then sports..BUT, they should have some things to do after school such as sports and prom..It will keep them out of trouble and i think it will actually help them learn in the long run...woodbridge all i know that i can tell u is to have some fun raisers and stuff like that i am sure it will help..i would really hate to see a school fall apart like that just because prents aren't concerned enough to help there kid out by donating a little money...

By Sc4life on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 09:15 pm:

sports also gives kids something to look foward to during school...It's helps kids grades go up.. For example, i know that in central in order to be on a school sport u have to maintain good grades...so i think that if a kid really wants to play a sport they will keep there grades up to be ble to play that sport...i personally don't think that it is right to take away kids privilages because adults don't care anything about the school to help..

By Nikki Youse on Monday, April 22, 2002 - 10:50 pm:

I just wanna say that if there are no extracurricular activities, most of the Woodbridge High population will leave, and probably sooner or later Woodbrdge will no longer exist. Students in the Elementary and Middle schools will most likely leave as well.

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