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By Bonnie_Goff on Saturday, November 09, 2002 - 01:35 pm:

Now that all of the excitement of the election can pass...can we please concentrate on filing CHARGES for Nanticoke Homes!? Why is it that Maryland seems to be so much more familiar with their Consumer Laws than Delaware?

How much more obvious does it have to be that there was ALOT of criminal activity going on with the principal parties of Nanticoke? Are our laws so unclear that it is taking this long to figure out if they have been violated?

Well, it is not hard for us all to tell you that our rights have been violated. Not only by the deceipt of Nanticoke Homes, but by the protection that is supposed to be offered by our government for these types of wrongdoings!

Schools teach our children that the government is there to speak for and protect the people. Have them debating to one another who is more suitable for the positions of state, when all the while our government is more over making plans for future TV appearances and luncheons.

Do the people justice! Stop protecting a would-be politician who has raised his children to take over his company, ruin his name, and embedded a belief that being a proclaimed christian, was for deceit and not for honor and integrity.

Give America back to people who believe that it should stand for freedom, honesty, and hard work. Something we could be proud of if it was made a norm.

Bonnie Lyn Goff

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