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By Chris Clark on Wednesday, December 04, 2002 - 04:26 pm:

According to Peg: "The town council is so consumed with all of the problems in town that there will NOT be a holiday party for the residents this year." I hope that the employees will still have a holiday party. The council creates the problems and once again the citizens suffer. How much trouble would it be to ask a town member if they would like to organize the dinner?

Fenwick Island has two; oops, one, wrong again. NO activities for the townspeople anymore. The only two events that allowed our community to come together have been cancelled (town fair and the holiday dinner).

Why did you not let someone else organize these events?


The members of town council and council as a whole have made numerous contributions to our town in the past. This is the present and we have to look towards the future. We need a long term plan for our town and we need a council and leader that is going to take this town in the right direction.


Chris Clark

PS Please feel free to contact me. I will listen to everybody. Problems only get solved with input from everybody.

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