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By S/Cpl. Lev Ellian, PIO on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 - 02:24 pm:

This is an updated press release followed by comments and thanks:


February 18, 2003


Effective immediately, east intersecting roadways from State Route 1 are OPEN to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Ocean Drive remains CLOSED to vehicles. Storm damage to the east area along the ocean front of South Bethany has forced police to LIMIT access to the area for safety reasons. Utilities (water and electric) have been restored to part of the east region of South Bethany.

Crews are working along Ocean Drive to clean debris and sand. Until further notice, general vehicle travel is prohibited on Ocean Drive. Pedestrian access is LIMITED to property owners of homes along Ocean Drive, and persons having official business in the immediate area. All drivers and pedestrians must comply with traffic control devices and barricades.

The South Bethany Police has been issued orders by local government to prohibit persons from accessing Ocean Drive by any means of travel that have no official business on Ocean Drive. Parking is permitted as posted along eastern side streets. Violators will be ticketed, and persons ignoring barricades or other traffic/pedestrian controls may be arrested.

Senior Corporal Lev Ellian, PIO
South Bethany Police


The South Bethany Police would is asking for the public's cooperation with the efforts being made to efficiently and safely restore the Ocean Drive area.

Work crews will be in the area for several days clearing debris and sand. For the safety of the general public, we are limiting access to the Ocean Drive area to working crews and property owners only. Barricades have been erected at the intersecting streets along Ocean Drive. They are meant to restict both vehicular and foot travel past those points.

The South Bethany Police would also like to extend its thanks to various agencies and individuals for such a rapid and professional response to this crisis: The Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company, Fenwick Island Police Department, Bethany Beach Police Department, Ocean View Police Department, US Army National Guard, DELDOT, Delaware Department of Corrections, Verizon, Mediacom and all the contractors working hard to clear the ocean front area and Ocean Drive. Also a special thanks to the news media for their cooperation and coverage of the storm in South Bethany.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns regarding the progress of the clean-up efforts, please direct your calls to the Town of South Bethany administrative offices at (302) 539-3653.

S/Cpl. Lev Ellian, PIO

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