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By undertow on Tuesday, April 01, 2003 - 05:07 pm:

I can't understand why the State continues to maintain control of the marina when they are doing such a horrible job of maintaining it. They have had nothing but time to make the necessary repairs. It's time to let someone else have a shot at it.

By Nicholas Fury on Tuesday, April 01, 2003 - 09:13 pm:

Dear Undertow,
Unfortunately we must ask ourselves: "Why wouldn't they want to maintain control of it?" They have a shot at making some money. That's the only reason why they want to hang on to it. So what if it is in complete disrepair? The fact that it is dangerous and an eyesore isn't breaking news to them. They have let it get that way over many years. They obviously don't care that it is hazardous. We see now they'll eventually make some repairs once it gets so bad that the public starts to take notice and raise issue with it. If they were smart they would let it go for the greater good of the people. And if the marina does stay private, how can we trust the state not to let it fall into disrepair again? They promise to make repairs and upgrade facilities, that just sounds like a facelift to me. A facelift only lasts so long. A complete overhaul and, more importantly, a guarantee that long-range plans will be implemented so that it doesn't fall into such bad conditions again is necessary for me to trust the state.

By Becky LoJacque on Wednesday, April 02, 2003 - 11:37 am:

I just read Bunting's letter in the opinion section. He talks about the private plan denying access to the public for free, but if you go to DNREC's website and look at the state plans the state plans include a booth at the entrance to the property. I heard the state wants to charge an entry fee to everyone even if you are going out on a boat, buying tackle or just want to walk around. I saw a picture of the private plan and it does not include a booth for charging people to enter the property. Who can we believe here?

By Chris Clark on Thursday, May 01, 2003 - 05:14 pm:

1. In a recent letter to the Wave, George claimed that a private company would be in trouble if another '62 storm came through; as an insurance agent he should realize that the private group would have to have insurance in place in order to satisfy their investors. The state's contingency plan........none

2. George supported privatization while his son Clinton was one of the bidding companies on the marina project. Clinton's team was eliminated and pretty soon George was in favor of the marina remaining public. hmmmmm

It seems to me that most of our elected representatives have an interest in preserving open space while not hindering growth and development. Here is the ideal situation to allow everyone to be a winner.......

allow privatization and use the $9m to buy undeveloped land and give us, the taxpayers more park land and open space.

The private group wants to invest $30m in one year versus the states $9m over 5 years.

It is time to be honest with yourselves(elected officials) and us, your constituents. Look into all aspects of this project, there are many statements, promises and numbers that do not add up with DNREC's projections. For instance, the latest renderings do not show a security booth; however, Mark Chura says that there will be one. This is not shown in the cost projections, nor are there any budget figures for the personal to man the booth. There will not be any maintenance on site, this is an environmental disaster just waiting to happen. Imagine, Fourth of July weekend and your engine starts to leak fluid and you need to call a marine mechanic from outside of the marina. Good Luck! There will be a nice sheen of oil, anti freeze, diesel fuel, etc. all over the marina, the inlet and the surrounding wetlands before anyone can show up.

We, the people, deserve better. Please think and ensure that you comprehend all aspects of an issue before you make a decision.

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