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By concerned parent on Saturday, February 07, 2004 - 09:31 am:

Super Bowl halftime outrage demands PUNISHMENT

The parents and grandparents of America must not allow the OUTRAGE committed during the Super Bowl halftime show to go UNPUNISHED.

It has now been documented that OVER 13 MILLION CHILDREN were watching when singer Janet Jackson's bare breast was exposed during the Super Bowl halftime extravaganza last Sunday evening on the CBS TV network.

AND we now know that the exposure was DELIBERATE! That's become clear in the "apologies" that several of the perpetrators are now offering -- AFTER the outrage has already been committed, of course.

The Parents Television Council (PTC) -- America's leading advocacy organization protecting children against explicit sex, violence and foul language on television -- has called upon concerned adults to file formal Indecency Complaints against the Super Bowl halftime outrage with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC has the power to levy a hefty fine on every CBS affiliate station that broadcast the filthy halftime show.

We need your immediate help to flood the FCC with thousands of Indecency Complaints.

If you have not already filed an Indecency Complaint with the FCC to express your fury over the deliberate nudity that CBS broadcast, please do two things right away:

1. Forward this e-mail message to every adult in your e-mail address book who shares your family values. [CAUTION: Do not send to children. Youngsters have already been OVERexposed to this TV filth!]

Together, in big numbers, we CAN make a difference! As a direct result of the Parents Television Council's 850,000+ members' campaign to force the FCC to get serious about enforcing the federal law against broadcast TV indecency, hundreds of thousands of Indecency Complaints have been filed with the FCC in the last two years. If you forward this message to 5 or 10 others, and they in turn forward it to 5 or 10 more, we could easily generate over 100,000 Indecency Complaints within the next few days.

2. Then go immediately to where you can complete a simple form that will automatically generate a formal Indecency Complaint to the FCC in your name.

If you and many of those to whom you forward this message take this simple action to file Indecency Complaints with the FCC, the Commission will be so flooded with complaints that it will be forced to act -- FINALLY! -- against the growing tide of filth on TV.

Your participation in this nationwide call to action could help turn the tide. If the FCC levies serious fines for the deliberate broadcast of nudity that occurred during the Super Bowl halftime show, you will be helping to begin the RESTORATION OF FAMILY-FRIENDLY TV FOR AMERICAN FAMILIES!

We're sick and tired of being EMBARRASSED by filth and foul language almost every time we sit down to watch TV with our children or grandchildren.

So we're pulling out all the stops in protesting the Super Bowl halftime nudity outrage.

** A copy of your Indecency Complaint will be sent to your lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Committees in the Senate and House are already considering Congressional hearings to investigate TV indecency. By letting your Senators and Representative know that you're demanding that something be done -- FAST! -- to stop the flood of televised indecency coming into your living room every night, you can help guarantee that TV indecency hearings will rise to the top of the Congressional agenda.

** And a copy of your Indecency Complaint will also be sent to your local CBS TV station. You and I both know, of course, that your local station did not choose to broadcast Janet Jackson's nudity. The blame for that goes to the CBS network. But the FCC's punishment powers extend only to the broadcast stations. The FCC, under current law, cannot punish the CBS network -- only the roughly 200 stations around the country that carry CBS's programming. But if every one of those stations is required to pay the maximum FCC fine of $27,500, the total cost to the CBS "family" of stations will be over $5 million! That would trigger an UPRISING of the affiliates against the network -- and that's what we want! We want the "Hollywood insiders" who dominate TV programming to get the message that the "real America" will no longer tolerate the FILTH they so enjoy inflicting on us and our children.

Please help STOP and ROLL BACK the growing tide of filth on TV!

*** Forward this e-mail message to at least 5 to 10 friends, family and colleagues in your e-mail address book so they can join the PTC's campaign to clean up TV.

*** And go to NOW to complete the simple form that will tell the FCC, your representatives in Congress, and your local CBS station that you're DEMANDING SERIOUS PUNISHMENT for the Super Bowl halftime nudity outrage.

Please act now.


Tim Winter, Executive Director, Parents Television Council

P.S. Forward this e-mail NOW to everybody in your e-mail address book who should be part of this campaign to protect our children and grandchildren. And then go immediately to to put the FCC, the Congress and CBS on notice that you want an END TO TV FILTH NOW!

By khinch on Friday, February 13, 2004 - 03:49 pm:

OK, you need to look to your-self and police your own children and grandchildren. Exactly at what point did the half-time show become "OUTRAGEOUS?" Was it when the scantily clad cheerleaders danced? Or was it when P-Ditty was grabbing his crotch? Were the "male enhancement" commercials un acceptable to you? It is amazing that we find the time to dedicate to this idiotic over-reaction. I was at a party of about 40 people during half-time and about 4 people saw the "atrocity."

But thanks to "decent" parents like yourself, you have insured that every child in this country has heard what happened. If it were left alone it would not have made nearly the impact it has. So ironically, YOU and not CBS or MTV have propagated this "filth"

Come on concerned parents. Hypocrisy seems to be an American institution. Our over-reaction and "outrage" makes us yet again a world laughing stock.

By John Barrutia on Sunday, August 22, 2004 - 12:54 am:

To the FCC. It's outrageous to see such sexual filth on network tv during prime time when children are watching the tv. It is no less comforting to see constant advertizing about condoms, birth control pills and several pills for erectile disfunction. It all seems geared to influence both young and old, that the number one goal in anyone's life is unfettered sex. My family feels that this type of advertizing does not need to be on network tv--especially during prime time, when our young pre-teen and teenaged children are watching. Please, FCC and Congress, put some controls of common decency on these things.

By charsvette on Friday, October 14, 2005 - 01:02 pm:

Get real. If you don't like it, turn it off.

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