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By Taxpayer Business Owner on Sunday, November 24, 2002 - 12:43 pm:

As a business owner in FI, I can't believe the Anger I hear from the taxpayers of this town. The Council and Mayor or President or whatever she is called this week are completely out of touch and out of control. Their attitude which is so obvious at council meetings is Arrogant,Eliteist,and exclusionary. They become highly insulted when questioned, and never give direct answers. They ask us to trust them on budgetary matters with no audits. How can you trust people who have defied federal law,exclude the public from all but perfunctory discussion of town issues, and basically do what they please. But don't fret, they are in the process of self-destruction. If a new election were held today "The Big Five" wouldn't get 10 votes between them. I doubt that several are sleeping well, and hopefully have enough undamaged brain cells left to resign, before they tear this town apart. Perhaps Peg will end up as Martha Stewart's cellmate. YOU ARE GOING DOWN PEOPLE!!!

By FIFF on Sunday, November 24, 2002 - 04:45 pm:

Well said, F.I.taxpayer business owner. Secrecy and closed meetings are no way to run a Town. With the current lawsuit by Chief Dickerson and the DOJ investigation, it's time for all owners to unite. Who do you think will pay for the settlement of any lawsuit? Who do you think is probably paying,or will pay, for private attorneys for the F.I. Council--let's ask them that question. Henifin should, at least, have the integrity to step down as Police Commissioner during this time. His hands certainly "ain't clean". Remember property owners: "Unity is Strength".

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