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By Taxpayer/Business Owner on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 - 11:06 am:

Since the FI council does most of their business in secret,I will pose the following questions:
1. Does the Council have the required documentation( 3 written warnings that must be signed off on by BOTH the Chief and the council)?
2. Was their a ficticious line item created in the budget?
3. Has any Council member or employee, been deposed in this matter?
4. Since Councilman Henefin admitted at the last council that the issues involving the Chief were or had become personal in nature, will he recuse himself from voting in any issues involving the chief.
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, in the case of question 4 NO, then I belive that legally the entire council must recuse them selves from voting on any issues involving the Chief or any issues involving the financial matters of the town. This is Standard operating procedure for any elected official,with questions or allegations involving any possible improprity,financial or otherwise, hanging over their heads.
So. the real question is, Does this council operate with the taxpayers best interests in mind, or are they a council that operates with their own egos and personal agendas in mind. If the latter is true than perhaps the State Attorney General should appoint a Trustee to run the financial,personel,any everyday operations of the town, until all these matters are resolved or litigated. If the status quo continues the we all need to accept, that Fenwick Island is no better than some 25 cent South American Dictatorship.

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