Fenwick Island Council Spends $10,000 For Dog

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By TaxpayerBusinessowner on Friday, November 29, 2002 - 11:58 am:

The Fenwick Island Council will spend $10,000 to purchase a Shetland Sheep dog. Addtional funds will be made available for a doggie consultant to teach the dog to herd in the taxpayers of the town.A Councilperson under the condition of anonimnity said The council considers the taxpayers of this town sheep anyway so the dog is the perfect solution to all the problems the council is facing. They feel that a few disgruntled policemen, and a few malcontent citizens will no longer be a problem, because this dog will get the whole town back in line so the Council can continue with it's business as usual policy. They cannot understand what all the complaints are about because we have done as we please for so long that we dont know any other way. The dog will also come in handy next year when we do a reassesment of all the property in this town. After that we can pass an ordinance that the council does not ever have to answer any questions ever again. Before adjourning the secret meeting, the council unanamously agreed toname the dog, PEG.

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