A Little Screw-Up Part 2

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By FIFF on Saturday, November 30, 2002 - 07:51 pm:

Thanks to Sussex 226 for the clarification. Clicking on the 11/2 meeting on the Town"s website does refer to the 12/2 meeting.
The problem,however, still exists.
The meeting IS Still posted as a 11/2 meeting. This error should have been caught and corrected. It is still a meeting with less than 7 days notice that is STILL incorrectly posted since 11/27 on the Town's website. Does anyone from the Town, either Council or responsible employees, check on the accuracy of these postings? The Town's website is the only way out of town residents can check on information. A long holiday weekend may cause an interest in attending such a meeting if correctly posted.
Perhaps the Attorney General may be interested in the accuracy of this posting.
It should not be up to the FIFF or sussex 226 to identify and explain these errors.

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