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By TaxpayerBusinessman on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 10:39 am:

It was a truly cowardly act not even to show up for the council meeting on the part of the council president and the other missing stooge. Not surprising though, because no one can ever say they voted for the tax increase. It is inconcieveable that the two biggest supporters of this tax are MIA when it comes down to the nitty gritty. It's ok though Madam President, because you are now the Mayor of TAX CITY, and I would bet you won't get 20 votes come election time, if you still have your personal freedom. YOU ARE PERSONALLY DESTROYING THIS TOWN!!!!

By Jim Simpson on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 03:34 pm:

As a Fenwick Island resident that co-resides in Washington, DC, the missing self proclaimed mayor, MB-FI, reminds me of the reign of another MB, Mayor Barry. On more than one occasion when the city was going to hell in a handbasket and a crisis was at hand MB-DC was usually out of town refusing to come back. All of this leads to the point that the city governance decayed to the point that the federal government had to step in and appoint a control board to oversee the operation of the city government. Maybe it's time to seek the intervention of the State of Delaware to appoint a control board type of apparatus to oversee the stooge infested Fenwick Island council. After the spectacle of last week's council meeting, it's time my friends, it's time. It is obvious to everyone that the present council, with the exception of Mrs. Carmean, has neither the will nor the wherewithall to manage the problems of the town that they have created.... At the rate that we are going, MB-FI will leave a similar legacy as MB-DC.

By Peter Frederick on Thursday, December 19, 2002 - 04:55 pm:

Dear Taxpayer Businessman,
I find it interesting that some one who refuses to identify himself would use the word cowardly in discribing others. I assume that "the other missing stooge" he discribes as cowardly in me. Mr. Taxpayer Businessman, my name is Peter Frederick. The next time you refer to me as cowardly please use my name even if you don't wish to use yours. Not that it is any business of yours, but last Friday I was in Florida with my mother -in law who is suffering from macular degeneration, celebrating Christmas. I do support the gross receipts tax. I have made my position quite clear. I do not understand the reference to missing in action. If the honorable Mr. Taxpayer Businessman were a student of military history he would know that those classifed as MIA were soldiers who did not return from battle and whose body was not identified. How does this relate to me visiting our last surviving parent at Christmas time? I take the time to respond not because I think Mr. Taxpayer Businessman deserves a response but rather to encourage all of those that enjoy taking shots at the Fenwick Island Town Council to think carefully about what they write before they send it. The FITC will continue to respond to all those that write to us. It is difficult to respond to those that don't wish to be acknowleged.

By nobody on Thursday, December 19, 2002 - 10:52 pm:

I think that Mr TaxpayerBuisnessman should run for council... all the mouth he puts out he could put to positive use...maybe

By Edie Falco on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 12:50 am:

In addition to supporting the gross receipts tax, I suppose Mr. Frederick also supports the general illegal conduct and actions of the Fenwick Island town council.

With the exception of Ms. Carmean, or any councilmen that turn state's evidence, I imagine that they'll be seeking new jobs at the nearest convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

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