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By TaxpayerBusinessman on Thursday, December 19, 2002 - 04:53 pm:

New Jersey Waste Management magnate Tony Soprano, has purchased a home in Fenwick Island, According to local real estate sources,who wish to remain anonimous, for obvious reasons,Mr. Soprano has been a visitor to Fenwick in the past,and since his marital problems,has been looking to get away from it all. "I been tinkin o startin a new business here and am lookin for some commercial property now that I got my little getaway place" Soprano said according to our sources. "I saw dis building on that coastal highway that has dis dumpy playground next to it, and I hear its gonna be available soon. I had Christopher and Pauly check it out and all day saw was the same people skullking in and out everyday, like dare was somtin secret goin on, so I figures with dees lames I can pick it up for a song,tear out that stupid playground and put in some nice parking for the grand opening of BADA BING South. Even dough it says Town Hall, I here it wont be needed much longer, cause the word on my block is that dare wont be no government in dis burg much longer and then anyting goes, We got 42 girls comin down from Jersey and dis towns gonna ROCK,after talking to some a the locals, I tink dis town could use some dancing and a few good laughs, and a 41 seat Espresso Bar, with some cannoli and some good sangwiches. I'm gonna fly 52 flags all around the building, tear out dem stupid shuffleboard courts and get some bocci ball goin. I Tink I'm gonna like it here!!!

By gawdfathr on Thursday, December 19, 2002 - 06:20 pm:

Don't mess with the shuffleboard. You will meet your match if you go up against the FIWC. "Dese dames are tuff".

By The Don on Friday, December 20, 2002 - 01:01 pm:

Dear Gawdfathr:
Dont concern yourself, I'll make dem an offer day cant refuse.

By Edie Falco on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 12:41 am:

I'm sure Tony could clean house if the right phone call was made!

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