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By Better Than CNN on Thursday, December 26, 2002 - 01:40 am:

Since Dickerson took over as Chief of Police in Fenwick Island, a large number of officers have gone through the revolving doors of the FIPD. In the area of 40 officers, according to officers that have worked there or near there. Has anyone stopped to research the reasons WHY this happened?

I imagine that the current situation is tainted with a little bit of those reasons. I have been told that BOTH sides of the current situation are EQUALLY at fault.

Now, enter the replacement Chief. Yes, the REPLACEMENT Chief. Hired as a civilian "consultant" the same time that Dickerson was fired. A civilian "consultant" that caused problems working in a neighboring police department not long ago.

The civilian "consultant" now seeks to obtain firearms and police certification that had been expired for some time. Was the "consultant" eligible to re-new his police certification? Check it out for yourself (Title 11, Part V Chapter 84 ss 8404 a(7) "Establish certification and recertification requirements for police officer applicants who have previously been employed with permanent appointment as a police officer but have not been so employed within the 12 months prior to application". Hmm ... he got it back with politics!

Now, the contract terms for consulting services change as do the date and times of the hearing.

But wait, there's more! The civilian "consultant" is now moved in to the position of Officer In Charge of the FIPD by the Town Council. He tells the townspeople, and is quoted in the newspaper, as being a police officer that will patrol, fill in open hours, conduct administrative duties in the FIPD, etc. etc.

Has anyone seen the newest police officer, the Officer In Charge, on the streets in uniform? I haven't.

Why would a civilian consultant need to carry a gun and have police powers? Hmmm ... let me think a minute ... Oh, I know ... he's going to be named the next Chief of Police! Boy, the Fenwick council was PRETTY slick with that little move. I almost didn't catch that! Did YOU?

Well, the revolving doors haven't stopped rolling in Fenwick. One police officer resigned not long ago, but was scared back into his job by the council and the Officer In Charge. Suprise, suprise! He was told that he would have to pay back a large sum of money for training and uniform costs, etc. Too bad he didn't review the law. Only DELAWARE-trained officers fall under that statute.

The biggest suprise is coming in the near future when the remaining force walks out. Where is Fenwick going to get its police protection from then? One or two officers? Certainly NOT. And the Delaware State Police can't provide protection and service. Heck, they can't even handle the job they have now! Maybe the Town of Fenwick Island will have to wait for the formation of a county police department ... in a few years. From what I am told, no Delaware police officer in their right mind would EVER work in Fenwick. I guess that's why every cop hired there in the last few years has been from out of state.

That's OK ... the Officer In Charge can go on patrol alone.

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