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By Taxpayer on Wednesday, January 01, 2003 - 09:34 am:

To the Fenwick Island Town Council:
We'd like to suggest the council heed the advice from that '70s tune immortalized by Kenny Rogers: "You gotta know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away ... know when to run."
I would also add the verse "You better count Your money, When You're sittin at the table"

By ms. jfa on Thursday, January 02, 2003 - 10:21 pm:

Don't even use the word "resolution" around me with regards to the Fenwick Island Town Council.
There is no second reading needed for a resolution. There is probably no technical requirement to give public notice that there is going to be a resolution during a meeting, though I seem to remember some over time in the Agendae.

It is by "resolution" that the most experienced members of this Council have managed to make so many changes over the last few years in this Town without having to bring more specific things to the attention of the public. One of the most notable, in terms of current controversies, occurred last Spring. Donna was so thrilled because she thought this resolution was beneficial to her bid to be considered for the position of Town Administrator. My guess is that it may not have had anything to do with Donna nor any existing employee(s) of the Town in any then current or foreseeable circumstances, though that is how it was portrayed.
No offense meant to the current acting Chief, but because of a resolution passed under the premises of being able to hire from within (discussed publicly around the time and in the context of the former Town Administrator's retirement), Council, with plenty of argument from the public present at the meeting, resolved that employment positions to be filled no longer need to be advertised publicly. Thus, (again, no offense to the man who took the offered opportunity) Mr. Hudson was literally in the office the very day Chief Dickerson was last suspended, though he was not officially hired as a consultant until the next Council Meeting.
A few years back, it seems to me, is when the Council resolved that an ordinance change was no longer necessary to change the fees for services. The fee structures used to be part of the pertinent ordinance. The resolution allowed that Council could change the fees for permits, fines, licenses, etc. as Council deemed necessary by simply changing the numbers on the list of fees. I am not implying there has been a lot of change in the fees since the "resolution". I couldn't tell you if there has been or not on anything that doesn't affect me personally. And I haven't seen anything of the things that affect me personally change significantly. I just am not comfortable that so much can change without any specific public notice. The public used to know so much more of the business of the town.
I know some member's of Council's response to this already.... if you wish to know more, get on Council!!!!

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