Sussex County Online User Forums: Fenwick Island Discussion Forum: ATTENTION TOWN COUNCIL: PICK UP OUR TRASH NOW!!!!!
By TaxpayerBusinessman on Monday, January 06, 2003 - 10:25 am:

The following is an excerpt from the town charter.
Section 26 paragraph 8 specifically:

THE TOWN OF FENWICK ISLAND, DELAWARE shall also have the power and authority to levy and collect license fees upon the property of any person, firm, association or corporation carrying on business in the Town and supplying the inhabitants thereof with any form or manner of services for any valuable consideration.

I'll expect the DPW on Monday, as has been said,
"Be Careful what you wish for". I will also expect to be reimbursed for all services I have paid for since 1 Jan 2003. By the way, Do you do windows??

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