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By The Rock on Monday, January 06, 2003 - 04:14 pm:

Snowman finds change hard to accept because snow melts when it is exposed to the sun. In examining the incumbents,this represents my opinion. Starting with the President, she has organized the council in a done deal before the new council was seated. As President she has responsibility to see that the charter is followed. Four years is a long time for a town to go without a financial audit. Who can she blame for that. She has to ultimately accept fiscal responsibility. The Treaurer is also a position where fiscal accountability should reside. What has he done to correct financial accounting that is confusing at best. He is responsible for that. The Police Commisioner is out of touch with supervising the police department. His remarks about trust and communication directed to the Major should result in another lawsuit. Finally the fourth member who is Mr. Lifeguard has done some good things with the guards however is he ever going to take a stand on the tax issue? That whole scenario was sad. Yes Mr. Snowman it is time for a change and the four positions mentioned should be changed in August. Come out into the sunshine Mr.Snowman and see what our town government should be doing.

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