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By TaxpayerBusinessman on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 10:36 am:

Mr. Frederick had a real bad day Friday and is looking for wiggle room to get around the dead face lies he got caught telling.
Lie 1. We didnt know about the witholding problem in early December. When told that the auditor, Mr. Sombar confirmed the council was told in early December, Frederick said that while Sombar had the town in early December but had not issued a final report he said "I'm looking forward to seeing the final report" Thats like saying I'm looking forward to being trampled by the Bulls at Pamplona.
Lie 2. He told 2 other council members that they just found out about the audit irregularities and to keep it Secret
Lie 3. "I don't talk about personnel matters" He the went on to say that Ms. Torres earns $33,000 a year. Isn't this a personnel matter? Didn't someone say she was an hourly employee the other day.
A couple of other Frederick Ditties, on Friday he said that awarding a bonus or a salary increase after a probationary period was a typical practice of many large companies and government agencies. I don't think this town qualifies as either a large company or a government agency, it is a town supported by it's taxpayers. By the way I would disagree, a probationary period, has traditionally meant that you get to keep the job and perhaps a small raise would be appropriate, but certainly not a 6.6% bonus which by the way I feel Ms Torres should return to the taxpayers, since she will be paid Time and one half for her overtime, how much overtime is also a secret.
Finally, Mr Frederick Stood in front of the people of this town and said "Trust Us ,everything is ok, we see the bank statements" The truth of the matter is according to Mr. Sambor , the Auditor his firm approached the town to audit the books,as it always had "but we weren't allowed to come into town for four years". So those who were around have known all along that they needed the audits, this was no oversight, this was not forgetfulness, what it was was avoidence of these audits. Why?
Would You buy a used car from this Council????
By the way Mr. Frederick and Mr. Haon would you care to share with the public the council philosophy of "Sticking together, No Matter What?
This council is the real embarrassment.

By FI-Landshark on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 - 08:43 pm:

Well said TaxpayorBusinessman. Councilmembers Baunchaulk, Haon, Griffin and Frederick seem to think that that the rest of us don't have a brain and that we should and will "trust them" all the way to bankruptcy court. Their inability to do simple things like follow the charter and get an audit yearly have brought us to a real financial crisis. Telling stories won't fix it. Hiding it won't fix it. Covering up won't fix it. Blaming others who point out the problems won't fix it. It's time that they face the music. It's time to fix it. The only way for these problems to be fixed is for these Council members to step up to the plate, admit their wrongdoings, and resign. Let's bring in people who are not afraid to discuss the problems to find real solutions.

By Tony Soprano on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 01:01 pm:

I applaud your statements. However, why continue observing and writing? Form a class action against the town council and obtain good legal counsel. The feds and the state will continue to play their parts in the matters at hand around the civil action.

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