Sussex County Online User Forums: Fenwick Island Discussion Forum: I THINK THIS COUNCIL DESERVES A FREE TRIP TO WILMINGTON
By TaxpayerBusinessman on Thursday, January 16, 2003 - 03:57 pm:

Perhaps the Council has been treated a bit to harshly, I think they should all be awarded a little bonus themselves,A free trip to Wilmington.
It's not that I am feeling overly magnanamous,but I believe this trip will be well worth the cost. They will all get a tour of the Federal Court House, before having to put their butts in a nice wooden chair so they can all be deposed by the U.S. Attorney for the region individually, and then we will all see what shakes out. This may be the only way to get the truth. As long as this debacle stays inhouse the truth will never be known,as these people seem to have taken some kind of blood oath to cover up Fenwickgate. As with Watergate, Fenwickgate could be over by now had these people chosen not to try and cover up. I guess it must be the power that is so addicting to the council, that they have forgone all sense of honesty,morality,and their oath to serve the people. If the next council meeting is "business as usual" this will be a signal as to their(or her) intentions. It's still not to late Councilpersons, you can come clean at the next meeting and keep at least some personal dignity or let the law run it's course. No excuses(Iwasn't on the council at that time), no semantics(well the town council of Boise, Idaho did the same thing),no ducking into executive sessions, hoping that the crowd will leave, no"We will take it under advisement", no"We cannot discuss pending litigation". You must answer all questions directly to maintain whatever credibility you may have left. Just remember, a Federal Grand Jury is not a pleasant way to spend your time, how your time is spent after that is really up to yourselves.

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