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By Mr Sunshine on Monday, February 03, 2003 - 02:31 pm:

Again the same thing is happening, we are short of police officers. However, this is not a problem. We will recruit a few more, send them to the Police Academy, in Dover, and after two or three months being paid by us to go to school, they will come back and work in town for a few weeks.
After this, they will leave us for another more friendly police department. I know that we have a contract with them to pay back the cost of training, but do we ever collect???
Have we ever considered using a security service? Sea Colony seems to do all right with their security, probably at a much lower cost the FIPD.
In fact, it seems to me that all we have with the FIPD is officers sitting on the highway at the north end of town waiting for speeders. Wouldnât it be better to stop the speeders before they speed through Fenwick Island? Not after they have sped through town!

By Sussex Cop on Thursday, February 06, 2003 - 02:00 am:

Mr. Sunshine,

Take a look at neighoring police agencies:

The South Bethany Police, similiar in size and jurisdiction to the FIPD, has not lost a police officer since 1991. In fact, they have ADDED to their force. Nearby Ocean View Police Department has not only retained it's officers for the last few years, but has more than DOUBLED the size of its force since Chief McGlaughlin has taken the reigns. The Bethany Beach PD has two officers working on any given shift.

That's a major clue that this isn't really the "Quiet Resorts" that most people would like it to be.

The issues at hand in Fenick Island have been obvious and crystal clear -- corruption at the local government level and administration problems within the police department. Part of the problem has been addressed, however it is the responsibility of the citizens to follow up and take appropriate action.

That action does not include disbanding the police department and failing to protect the residents and property owners in town. The Delaware State Police certainly cannot provide adequate and efficient services to Fewick Island. Do you serioulsy believe security officers with no authority or training will protect the town?

As for the speed enforcement issue, you have recognized a Catch-22 problem; one that has haunted Delaware for years; traffic enforcement yields great revenue for towns. This has caused extensive corruption and greed in local government for years in this area. However, the PRIMARY purpose of catching speeders is for safety purposes. I will submit that the speed limit should be raised to more than 40 MPH on a dual highway duriing the winter months, but failing to have police to enforce ALL traffic laws would be a devastating liability to a chartered town.

The working police personnel are not the problem. The poice administration and administrative/governing bodies ARE.

If the residents and property owners of Fenwick Island don't wake up and take action, they may soon fall under the unreliable hands of the Delaware State Police!

By old timer on Thursday, February 06, 2003 - 07:40 pm:

To Sussex Cop,
You hit the nail on the head. The problems are within the police administration and governing bodies. Give someone else a chance to run the police department and local politics and I promise things would be much better. It's time for Dickerson, Manning and the politicians to move over and let someone else to try and make things better. They all had a chance and screwed it up.

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