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By William E Manning, Major FIPD Retired on Sunday, February 09, 2003 - 01:52 pm:

To the residents, business owners and their employees, and tourists of Fenwick Island.

It was a pleasure to serve all of you and the community for over 16 1/2 years. Over the years I had the opportunity to work with many fine employees and residents, and hopefully made some life long friendships along the way. I will always remember these quality people. If along the way I stepped on a few toes of some past employees or people, I offer no apology as I did my job. Their wrath is self inflicted. Goodbye my friends in Fenwick Island, I will miss you. I leave with dignity and integrity.

These are words lost to the Town Council. Any opinions I express about the Town Council does not include Ms. Vickie Carmean. I leave you with these truths, a word unknown with the Town Council.

I would like to thank Baunchalk, Henifin, and particularly Frederick for violating FOIA rights again. How about the illegal appointment of Hudson as OIC of FIPD? How about the termination of a dedicated 19 year employee who is blamed for the Town's failure to pay it's Delaware taxes? How about Henifin's smoke screen about the departure of all of us officers? He and Brans can't figure out why. Look in the mirror Henifin. Look who you made OIC of the department, great choice. Henifin told all of you he didn't know why Officer Brennen was leaving or where he was going. That is a lie as usual, remember the other lies I've cited previously. There is no end to it. Officer Brennen personally told Henifin months ago, as I told several residents, if Hudson was made OIC we'd leave. He did and we are gone, that simple. Henifin told you he didn't know where Officer Brennen was going to work, another lie. Officer Brennen told Henifin and Hudson where he was going several times. Both have tried to sabotage his departure. Read Sussex County On Line, talk about deceit. Henifin must have choked on every word when he read a homily for me at the Town meeting on my career, because he and the Council are really relieved to see me go. Hey, Henifin and Hudson, how come you didn't give me an exit interview? I guess you are tired of hearing the truth about what I think of all of you. How come I wasn't asked to stay? How come you didn't offer me $1,000 to stay? How come you never gave the men a step increase like you proffered? How come the Chief never got a raise this past year? How come the Chief and I didn't get a uniform allowance? Just the tip of the iceberg folks.

Frederick said they have a paper trail on the termination of the Finance Administrator according to the town employees policy manual. They have never followed the manual before.

Did any of you notice how Frederick, Henifin, and Baunchalk tried to hire the two new appointees to FIPD. It was wrong as usual. To hire new officers, a complete investigation of their personal, neighborhood, and work background must be done. A written exam must be given and passed, a psycological test must be given and passed, an agility test must be given and passed, an oral review board of their peers must be given, (no way does Henifin qualify), plus a clean police and drivers record. None of these were done, in fact at least one applicant was to be hired at around $31,000+ when the starting salary is supposed to be $25,500. Could these applicants be someone's protege, because I understand all of the above requirements were waived, by who? Further, Henifin chastized us for hiring PA Act 120 applicants, yet these applicants have to be experienced from somewhere otherwise the Council on Police Training couldn't give them a waiver. So how come its wrong for the Chief to hire under these circumstances, but not Hudson, Henifin and Council. They are trying to smooze all of you, to avert criticism from the public for running us off. These applicants may be fine qualified people, but Henifin's actions are wrong. Ms. Carmean needs your help to protect the Town from this type of action. Henifin and Council put the Town at jeopardy.

Henifin and the Council ordered the Chief in uniform last year when there was just 3 officers, Hudson has not been. Henifin ordered the Chief on the schedule, Hudson has not been, except recently to avoid criticism, it's for show, because his only wearing a cops jacket is not in uniform. Check with SusCom, he is not listed available for calls on the radio. Husdon says he is only here until 2/12/03 after the Chief's hearing. He said that in October, November and December, even after he was illegally made OIC by Council. Yes, at the Town Meeting on 1/31/03, Henifin told you they will vote on Hudson's status as OIC at a meeting (order by the AG's office due to the FOIA violation as to this appointment) on 2/14/03. Well, do this math, if Hudson told some officers he was only here until 2/12/03, why does Council need to meet on 2/14/03. Who is telling the "truth", oops, there is that word again. You should resign. As long as Hudson remains Henifin's home boy, conditions at the FIPD will not improve; remove them all. Hire me as the FIPD Consultant.

So Brans, do you want some cheese with that wine? That letter you read pitying yourself was patheic. You state you live by principles; where were they when you screwed over the Chief, where were they when you blamed me for other officers leaving? Look at Henifin and Hudson, who are you going to blame now that the Chief and I are gone? Then you seek sympathy because of the stress you and your wife have been under this part year. What about the harassment, the grief, the meaness you have put on the Chief and his family, or the rest of the department. You are a direct part of cause and effect. Then you state you were removed from office and given the beach job and had no support until Ms. Carmean got on council Where were your principles up to then? Yet, you went along with the tax raises. Is this representing the people? You never spoke out until you got served with a Federal Law Suit and as with the Council (excluding Ms. Carmean), all under Federal investigation by the DOJ. Hey pal, too little, too late. If you want to live by your principles, resign, tell the DOJ of Council's injustices towards the Chief, and the State AG how this Council may violate executive meetings and Local, State, and Federal Laws. Tell the people why Ms. Jordan and another employee were fired. Be a man, you know! You should resign.

So Griffin, Chairman of the Budget Committee and current Treasurer, and a suggested candidate for Town Manager. Folks you got to be kidding, all you are doing is moving one of the Queen's Knights into a more powerful position of Town Government. Griffin had sent us a memo blaming poor management for officers leaving the FIPD. Too bad he wasn't present during the auditors presentation (how convenient) when told that low pay for officers was a factor. DAH! Then why have we left now? Consider the managers of the town and the department leadership. More importantly, as the Treasurer, your job as descripted in the Charter, is the responsibility of all town records, accounts, bills, and monies. Where were you the last 4 years as Chairman of the Budget Committee, where are your management skills now?......And you are part of firing a town employee for the tax screw up. Do the decent thing and resign. This goes for Haon too, he also was missing from the council meeting. He is on the town audit committee and has been on Council for 10 years and he should resign.

Baunchalk, you set up on the throne and take responsibility for the tax screw up that the town's people will pay for. As per Charter, you are responsible, then why fire the finance administrator, fire Griffin, Haon, and then resign; thats integrity, thats the right thing, not to use a scapegoat. Let us see now, Finance Administrator fired, Ms. Jordan, police secretary, fired, Chief Dickerson fired, Major Manning, Sgt. Bruette, Officer Brennan, people of good reputation and character, deminished by the Council. Who's next? I can't wait until you start turning on each other and it will happen.

So Frederick, it looks like you are taking Haon's place as the speaker for Baunchalk. At the meeting of 1/31/03, a man asked a question, you stopped him saying "the last time we allowed someone to ask a question not during the public participation, we got hit with a FOIA violation". If you were talking about the last FOIA violation of 1/21/03 that I filed, you lied to the public, DAH! You were directly responsible for the FOIA violation I filed beause you were the one who said I couldn't speak "during the public participation". So you got a FOIA violation because of your mouth. (See the AG website under FOIA decisions). The FOIA violation was not done outside the public participation of the meeting as you said. This FOIA violation is yours, Baunchalks, and Henifins, because you said I had to own property in Fenwick; well I don't, yet! The law suit may change that, how is your insurance? How much are houses going for on the beach? You should resign.

Before this is all over, all of you will be out of office, including Hudson, and remembered for all times as the worst council in Fenwick's history. Don't think for one moment the OIG and other agencies aren't looking at all of you. The fat lady is about to sing and when she does, the elephants (me and the Chief) will dance, and the mice (town council) will run.

Frederick made a profound statement to all of you regarding the tax not being paid. He said the State didn't notify the town this tax was due. So it's not Baunchalk's or Griffin's fault, it's not the finance administrator's fault, yet she is fired, it's not the town's fault the tax wasn't paid, it's the State's fault. How much more spin can they put on this? This has to be the dumbest excuse yet.

I leave with my good reputation, dignity, and integrity. I am ashamed to be a member of the department any longer or be affiliated with the Town Council.

By FRIEND OF FENWICK on Monday, February 10, 2003 - 12:29 am:


By William E. Manning, Major FIPD retired on Monday, February 10, 2003 - 06:53 am:

To: Friend of Fenwick


This question may be better directed to the Fenwick Island Town Council.

By MANNING HAS COJONES ! on Monday, February 10, 2003 - 09:43 am:

Right On Brother,your only mistake is that the Queen doesn't have knights,ONLY PAWNS. We will miss you and Thank You For your service to the people of Fenwick. Friend of Fenwick must be another of the Queens Inner Circle of Stooges.

By Sussex Cop on Thursday, February 13, 2003 - 01:40 am:

Friend of Fenwick may be the next one we see named in a suit if he/she continues supporting Fenwick so well ...

By REALGLAD on Thursday, March 06, 2003 - 03:31 pm:


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