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By Legolas on Monday, February 10, 2003 - 05:47 pm:

I heard that Fenwick PD has just hired two officer's, neither of whom are now, nor has ever been Delaware certified. Hmmmmm Further more I understand that one is being brought in at the rank of a corporal. If this is so, just curious now___how can he supervise the two other officers who have been there for the past year. These new officers know nothing of Delaware law, or procedure. From what I understand the new Corporal will be Boyden, a man who Lloyd Glen Hudson stated that he wouldn't hire because he would be trouble because of his relation with Town Council, and past problems with his application. And will you look at that, only weeks later they hire this man. No..... say it isn't so, Glenn Hudson wouldn't say one thing and then do another____would he?

I also hear that Town Council is bringing in two more Delaware Certified Officer's. My first reaction to this is that of dismay. I only say this because any officer in Sussex County and most of Delaware knows of the reputation of Fenwick Island, and its current list of employees. Then I heard they are bringing back a former employee of the PD, John Devlin. This would make sense. Fenwick has in the past always made the wrong choices and every time you think the situation has to get better they do something so incredibly stupid. Anyone who knows John Devlin would understand the decision to bring him back. You couldn't get anyone worse. But hey, if they bring him back with rank say Sergeant he can field train the new list of officers to arrive beings Fenwick now has no one in there department who can train any additional officers. No not even Glenn Hudson can train any new officers because he is not qualified nor does he have the current knowledge of the existing equipment. This is not an assumption, but fact.

The other certified officer remains anonymous. Anyone know who that might be?

Now for a near future prediction...... Im thinking that the Fenwick Town Council has royally screwed themselves and they know this. So come Wed the 12th, I see Fenwick reinstating Chief Dickerson as to avoid a future lawsuit. However the ever so impressive Lloyd Glen Hudson, who has lived up to all of his assignments structuring and implimenting the biggest failure retention program Fenwick has ever seen in such a short time, will be hired as Town Manager for Fenwick and oversee Chief Dickerson. Im sure the Fenwick Council believes this will in the near future get rid of Dickerson for sure. This is just a prediction however. We shall see.....

Major Manning, good luck and best wishes with your retirement.

By Sussex Cop on Thursday, February 13, 2003 - 01:25 am:

The rumors you have heard I have heard as well. I also agree with your statements regarding a past employee coming back. His reputation on the street is less than respectable.

As a matter of fact, I traveled through Fenwick Island yesterday and saw three heads in one police car. It appeared as though an officer that has less than one year experience may have been "field training" two new recruits. As you said, in no way can an inexperiencced, unqualified officer properly train new officers. That's a serious liability problem, not to mention the appearace of a Keystone Cops operation (how many cops CAN you fit in one police car?).

The remaining scenario you have posed seems logical and truly terrifying.

When will it end?

By Mr Sunshine on Thursday, February 13, 2003 - 10:45 am:

Maybe in July when we can elect some new blood on the council

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