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By MR. ROURKE on Monday, February 17, 2003 - 11:31 am:

The Council has gone into a stall mode hoping the more time that passes,the more people will get tired of this debacle. Meanwhile, the legal fees and God only knows what other expenses are going up,up,up. They could theoretically drag this hearing well into spring, and the tax payers have NO IDEA what this is costing and the "Cocoon Council could care less,there priorities are totally out of whack, bordering on a Manic like spending binge. Giving out bonuses, playgrounds we don't need et al ad nauseum. Do they really think they can survive this and hold on to the power they seem to need so much. By the way, the tremendous property value increases they love to tell you about,are down the tube,who wants to live in a town whose council has made it the laughing stock of the state, FELONY ISLAND. It's de council boss,it's de council.

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