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By Elsie Weistling on Tuesday, February 18, 2003 - 10:25 pm:

8 p.m. DE Light winds 9.7 - 11.7 knts, seas @ 6.2 feet at 13 seconds
Fenwick Island, The moon is gorgeous over the water and the stars are shining brightly in the clear sky. Time to get back to the future!

Regardless of how I feel about things personally, I am open to researching many different options for the benefit of all.
So, to those who want most all of this Council out and a Town Manager in place with the next Council,
who is it you have in mind that could do the job you want done in any of the job positions and, in particular, as Town Manager?
And are those persons interested in doing so as Council Persons or as a Town Manager?
Could any who may be interested in running for Council get that info out into the public a bit so the political processes can begin?

Remember that it is this current Council that will be putting the future budget together. Future Councilpersons best be there for the budget process that starts the morning of March 7, publicly anyway. If I remember correctly, Harry hinted that would be the meeting of determining what the goals of the budget would be. Harry, please correct me if I am misrepresenting. I do not mean to do that.

Keep your eyes and ears open as well and attend meetings. It just may be this Council who may determine who the Town Manager will be and all of the related particulars including contracts to which future Councils could be bound. And whose "fault" would it be then when John Q. Public is dissatisfied? Several at the last regular meeting asked for a Town Manager form of management. Council was polled and the five present all agreed with the concept. So, now if Council proceeds with it, they do so believing it is your will, Townspeople. Be clear about that.
I believe what you need to make clear as well is that you want the old fashioned process of advertising the position, interviewing the candidates on an equal basis and qualifying and quantifying to identify the best candidate for the position. Although the best candidate may already get a paycheck from the Town, not advertising, going through the processes and justifying the choice made just leaves me uncomfortable for a governmental concern.
Just look at the feedback on the decision re: Mr. Hudson. I realize you are not going to please all of the people even some of the time, but had they gone through the traditional processes (that Council only changed the rules on for themselves during this last year), at least they would have had "justification" for picking Mr. Hudson that appeared non-refutable. Let's ask for that process back, especially for the position of Town Manager. Enough food for thought for now.

By Resident Evil on Thursday, February 20, 2003 - 08:07 pm:

I hear that when council reinstates Chief Dickerson that Lloyd Glenn Hudson will be moving into the role of town manager. Is this true?? What a mistake that would be (the hudson as manager thing).

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