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By Chris Clark on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 - 05:58 pm:

If and when the Town of Fenwick Island does decide to hire a town manager, the person MUST be new to the town. The Council should use an agency from DC, Balt or Phila to assist in the hiring process.

If a present member of the council or employee of the town were capable of accepting the role of town manager, that would have already let their leadership capabilities be seen by all.

The person should have practical working experience with "fixing" a town plagued with a multitude of problems and turning the town into a model community.

A committee(including a resident, a business owner, a rental house owner, a commercial property owner and a council member) should be formed for finding 3-5 qualified candidates. Once found, these candidates should present themselves to the public, tell why they are qualified and then be open to questions from the public. The townspeople should then be allowed to vote on which candidate is the one for the town.

By Bill Weistling, jr. on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 - 07:25 pm:

Great idea Chris. No Council, either the present one or any future ones, should be the sole judge of who will occupy such an important position.
Form an independent panel to screen and recommend candidates. Councils change from year to year, and any possible bias should not be passed on to future Councils, and from them onward through the years.
For example, Ocean City formed a selection panel to search for a new police chief. The panel consisted of police chief's from Greenbelt,Md., Annapolis, Md., and the Talbot Count Sheriff's office, among others. There were 140 applicants. The key here is that there was an INDEPENDENT panel to search and review.
4 of our Council members are up for re-election in August. No decision on ANY new employment in ANY critical position in FI should be made during this time without some sort of independent review and public participation in the process.

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