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By Sussex Cop on Monday, March 03, 2003 - 06:26 pm:

So what else is new in Fenwick Island?

Blatant, intentional, outright lies from the public safety commissioner "Buzz" Henifin. He has stated that Hudson has accomplished a great deal with the department since being hired as a consultant. I qoute:

"I believe Mr. Hudson has done a yeoman's service for us as far as running the department."

Since Lloyd Hudson was illegally appointed as OIC of the Fenwick Island Police Department, he has caused more harm than good. Since his poor adminstration began, he has been the cause of resignation by several officers; he attempted to reduce or eliminate employee benefits; he failed to perform his required uniform patrol duties; and has even taken away critical equipment (4 wheel drive) from the police during the recent storm. These are all facts, not accusations.
To this date, Hudson has failed to perform his patrol, enforcement and investigation duties. He continues to go on unmonitored.

If Hudson is such a beneficial "yeoman", as Henefin has falsely proclaimed, why has there not been 24 hour protection provided by the FIPD? Poor scheduling and lack of personnel retention. Similar reasons for Dickerson's termination. Hmmm ...

Lloyd Hudson and Buzzard Henifin are both guilty of harrassing personnel ... guys that were trying to get jobs elsewhere. They called other PD's where officers had applied and bad mouthed them or tried to get information about their application process and status -- direct intervention causing harm to their applications to other PD's. Illegal, illegal illegal ... They had better pray that Officer Kaplan, former Officer's Brennan and Bruette don't follow through with legal action.

Chris Clark has got the ball rolling by questioning these corrupt members of council. Regarding Hudson being out of uniform or patrolling was a key point raised during Dickerson's termination hearing. It should certainly be key in terminating Hudson, Henifin and anyone making false statements, committing official misconduct, or violating any other criminal statute, civil or labor law. I wonder if these guys are smart enough to realize that their words and actions have been documented and are considered legal records of their statements?

"Henifin said Hudson is not interested in becoming the chief of the department but that he would consider staying on as a consultant after a new chief has been hired."

He doesn't have a chance of making it now that he's been exposed. The public wouldn't tolerate it, and the FIPD cops certainly wouldn't tolerate it. He's proven he can't properly adminster or supervise a law enforcement agency already. Good riddance ... the sooner the better.

"Henifin also announced that council is "looking very seriously" at hiring two officers who previously worked for the Fenwick Island police department."

One of the guys rumored to be asked to come back was allegedly investigated internally (IA) before being told "resign or be fired" last year -- for committing criminal acts and violating policy. Let me say that again ... for committing criminal acts and violating policy. It is also alleged that this same guy was arrested in Pennsylvania not long ago. He's going to be a police officer in Fenwick Island?? Pretty ironic, eh? Sounds like something ELSE the community and media should investigate. If the allegations are fact, does anyone want a criminal wearing a badge in their community? can he actually BE a police officer?

"New recruits will be subjected to polygraph tests, Henifin said -- a change in the town's hiring process."

Take your own advice, Buzzard. Bet ya can't pass one!!

I was always told as a child and young adult that "everything comes back around". It's come back around for Dickerson already. Next stop, Henifin, Hudson and Baunchalk.

By Resident Evil on Monday, March 03, 2003 - 07:07 pm:

The one thing that I find funny is that new recruits will be subject to polygraph tests. Why all of a sudden are you going to do polygraph tests??

The other funny thing I heard is that the one new hire who had previously applied and was not hired has since been hired. Why was he not hired the first time? Probaly because he did not do well enough on his tests. Oh that is right the new hires did not have to test at all this time. Gosh anyone could have gotten hired.

So Mr. Henifin thinks Llyod Glenn Hudson is doing a fine job. Then why the hell are all of the officers leaving? Yes he did hire two new officers, but they were both from out of state. Why can he not find anyone from within the state? By the way there were three guys from within the state and did not get hired. Tell you something.

Has Lloyd Glenn Hudson been able to make the most out of what he has? The answer NO!! I saw the same police car in the same parking spot for four straight days. That would only mean that there was no police coverage for four days. That's using the manpower wisely. Bet the town Fenwick was real safe. Was it true that a house was broken into while there was no police coverage for the town? Hell of a job Lloyd Glenn Hudson. Makes me feel real safe.

By Mr. Poly on Tuesday, March 04, 2003 - 12:06 am:

Polygraph Test, Gee, why didnt the town make Manning and Dickerson take a polygraph a few years ago when they both refused to take one by the A.G.'s office.

By USMC on Tuesday, March 04, 2003 - 10:03 pm:

Why don't the "Mayor" take a polygraph test since she DID lie on the witness stand.

By Harry Sachs on Wednesday, March 05, 2003 - 01:26 am:

I agree with Mr Henifins quote....

"I believe Mr. Hudson has done a yeoman's service for us as far as running the department."

That is if he looked up the definition of Yeoman.. Defined as a Naval term meaning "A petty officer who performs clerical duties" I for one would say that he is definitely petty.. and he has to have been perfoming his clerical duties.. he surely hasnt been doing anything else in the FIPD except for tiny things like wasting departmental resources, unchecked maligning of officers seeking alternative employment, not to mention being seemingly illegally in his position as OIC. Very interesting indeed..
Oh, and Mr Henifin? There is an alternate definition of Yeoman.. "Servant or attendant of a Lord or King" How is your crown fitting these days?

By Sussex Cop on Wednesday, March 05, 2003 - 11:31 pm:

Mr. Sachs,

Well said ...

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