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By Scott Mumford on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 08:19 am:

Sussex cop, you stated "The citizens of Fenwick have obviously failed to take appropriate corrective actions within their local government thus far." I feel that this statement is very far from the truth.
An increasing number of citzens, both residents and business owners alike, within the town of Fenwick have taken many steps to find a solution to not only the police issues but all of the ongoings of the town. Your statement is suggesting what...that the citizens are simply going to let the wrong doings of those individuals lack of responsibility go unpunished and unvoiced?!?! From letters to town officials, local and state goverment, Attorney General's office, to speaking out at council meetings, media and so forth; trust me the citizens are not failing to take appropriate corrective steps in our local government. The fact of the matter is the August elections are going to be the most important and possibly the only way to take those corrective steps. In the meantime, the citizens are continuing to finds ways to make sure such a lack of checks and balances within the town council, administration, police force, financial issues, are to never happen again. The failure is not with the citizens, sussex cop...the failure is those individuals lack of responsibilty and accountability. The citizens of Fenwick want these past months behind them. They have better things to do with their time than have to spend many hours of the week and/or days trying to help smooth out the issues concerning the town of Fenwick. I can't emphasis enough that if you, sussex cop and others with concerns and thoughts that involves issues with the town of Fenwick, please participate at monthly council meeting, because at these meetings you can voice these issues during public participation. Certain members of council realize the mistakes they have made and are taking steps to correct those mistakes. Those council members with seats up for election have a small window of opportunity in making those corrective steps; August is quickly approaching. A growing number of citizens in Fenwick are very active in the ongoings of the town are not failing by any means. They are very disturbed that this small town has gotten far more public attention than they ever wanted. Hopefully the town of Fenwick Island has put it's worse days behind it.

By gumshoe on Saturday, April 05, 2003 - 09:33 am:

Scott Mumford, I can't speak on behalf of other issues in which the FI Council are trying to correct their mistakes, but when I hear that the current OIC and members of DSP, who might be friends with the OIC, are playing a role in the selection process of the Chief of FI, this shows me that not enough effort has been placed in the correction componet of the FIPD. As I have stated before, a chief's selection panel should have been made up of local Sussex Co Police Chiefs, who have a good reputation and a good officer retention rate, instead of DSP. The panel should also have been made up of residents and business owners and a council member. It's my belief, that this panel should not have included the current OIC in anyway, even if it is just for the purpose of background checks. A local Sussex Police Chief could have done that part.
I believe as a result of this, FI might not have the best choice of candidates to select from. If a good candidate is not selected, even after the current council members are replaced, you might be stuck with a chief, who the old regime wanted in place. Will the town of FI be left with a quality police department then? I don't know.
I have read that one of the qualifications, is for the chief to be loyal up and down to the town, the PD, and the council. I don't have a problem with the first two, but loyal up and down to the council? There's a big problem right there. Is that what FI wants, a puppet to the current council?

By Sussex Cop on Monday, April 07, 2003 - 07:34 pm:

Mr. Mumford,

"The citizens of Fenwick have obviously failed to take appropriate corrective actions within their local government thus far."

That statement means that the existing sitting council, with the exception of Mrs. Carmean, is still in place and made no changes, improvements, taken no acceptible corrective actions and continue to make poor decisions.

This is the same council that has been found in violation of the FOIA; the same council that may have pending civil litigation against them by more than one person; the same council that is continuously lying to the residents, property owners, business owners and media about their history and actions; the same council that is taking inappropriate steps, and a possibly biased means, to find a new chief of police (as Gumshoe has clearly indicated); the same council that thumb their noses in the face of the public and police on a routine basis.

The action that the residents, property owners and business owners have not taken to date (that I know of anyway) is a class or community action against the sitting council members. Namely, a legal action against them. Has there been an organized group formed and private legal counsel sought? I know there is civil recourse that may be taken. The state AG's office has an extensive history of failing to take appropriate action. They should only serve as a point of reference in these issues. Don't think for a minute they'll take any action they consider to be politically incorrect.

I know from many years of local word of mouth that you are a respected business owner. Is it worth your time to initiate such a legal effort? Can you form an organization or begin a class action?

I would love to actively participate in Fenwick Island meetings, however, since I am not a resident or property owner, I would not be recognized.

I wish you well in your continued clean sweep of your local government.

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