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By Sussex Cop on Thursday, April 17, 2003 - 08:13 pm:

To my fellow officers in the area, just a heads up. Fenwick Islanders should pay close attention to this as well ...This info came direct to me from an FIPD officer:

"OIC" Hudson has given standing orders:

FIPD officers are not to associate with, talk to, eat breakfast/lunch/dinner with any other neighboring police officers while on duty. The only time FIPD officers are permitted to "interact" with other police officers is for officer safety reasons, such as checking on them during a traffic stop or something of that nature.

Wow. Imagine that. Attempting to prohibit FIPD officers from speaking to other cops. According to the FIPD officer, it's because Hudson does not want the new guys to find out the truth about him or Fenwick PD. He doesn't want the new guys to hear what's really going on.

I think that it's long overdue that Fenwick Islanders dive right into their Pd and take control of their police department and local government. This is just another obvious sign of impending corruption.

By gumshoe on Friday, April 18, 2003 - 10:34 am:

History repeating itself!!! I seem to rememeber hearing of this same occurrence happening at Bethany, during the reign of Hudson, as Town Manager and Graviet, as Chief. Bethany Officers were told to avoid officers from other neighboring agencies. I seem to recall hearing that the reasoning was, that police from other agencies were just "cowboys" and it didn't look good for Bethany Officers to be seen with them. What a bunch of crock that was!!!! South Bethany Officers were a good buch of folks and still are. Weren't those orders given at a time when it was getting close for the Bethany Officers to receive a pay raise from a town, which has always been in the black, financially. Wasn't that the time that, when two Bethany Officers were working at the same time, they were not even allowed to be with each other, during a shift? I remember hearing stories of how the Chief and Town Manager could take time out of their "busy" (ha ha)schedules and go out driving around looking for officers, who might be violating their policy. Wasn't that the same time that it was very difficult being a police officer at Bethany. Wasn't that the same time that South Bethany had higher salaries than Bethany and a good working relationship with their Chief. I believe I remember hearing that when the Bethany Officers approached the powers at Bethany, they were told that the Officers at South Bethany were just inflating their figures. Wasn't that the time that the Bethany Officers attempted to unionize in an attempt to have their interests attended to, because the Chief and Town manager were too busy, with their power struggle? Interesting that I also heard, that the union was broken from loyalist ranks, from with in the department. Who is the Chief at Bethany now? After all of this, wasn't that the time that there was a mass exodus of good officers from Bethany to other agencies? I guess it boils down to the same thing. The powers, which were in place didn't want police from other agencies to hear the goings on at Bethany.

Police officers from neighboring agencies need to form a strong alliance, not only for the purposes of officer safety with back ups, but also for crime prevention reasons. When local officers meet, local criminal information is exchanged. Officers learn who and what to be on the look out for in their own towns, which results in keeping their towns and its citizens safe. More crimes are also solved from the sharing of this information. So what if this information is shared over a cup of coffee or a meal, between officers. Its my belief, that if officers are told to stay away from other agencies, it usually because the powers in place have something to hide.

I believe alot of these problems began when the pastured DSP people came to the coast and obtained their positions in these towns. For some reason, council people think these former DSP people are all that. It's my belief, they're just legends in their own minds.

It's a shame that the same noreasters that take the beaches away can't also clean out these lower coastal towns of their police administrators and the council members that choose to hide their heads in the sand, just so they can have a title around their town, thinking that they're somebody.

By Sussex Cop on Sunday, May 04, 2003 - 11:20 pm:

Very true and well said ...

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