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By 20/20 on Saturday, June 21, 2003 - 10:58 pm:

...anyone else read what I'm read??? because the SCO staff definitely can't...

SCO news article reads: "Haon's comments, however, contradict what state law actually says about use of the transfer tax."

...capital and operating costs of public safety services, economic development programs, public works services, capital projects and improvements, infrastructure projects and improvements and debt reduction. (71 Del. Laws, c. 349, ¤ 15.)

Hmmm, if there is not enough money to make payroll and pay bills, would FI not be considered as being in a state of needing debt reduction?

F.I. Election

By Kerin Magill on Saturday, June 21, 2003 - 11:14 pm:

Dear 20/20:

When the Del. Code refers to debt reduction, it means paying back loans used for infrastructure improvements. Payroll is an operating expense, not a debt.

Kerin Magill

By Slower Lower Delaware on Monday, June 23, 2003 - 10:28 pm:

Go Girl!!!!!!!! You are so right about traansfer tax. Harry only knows how to spend money not to be accountable for it, rumor has it the total amount to bail Fenwick Island out of this financial mess is $155,000 not the $65,000 they voted on in their night meeting where they were surprised by the turnout generated by the Fenwick Island Concerned Citizens. When will they learn that we demand accountability!!!!!!!

By Elsie Weistling on Tuesday, June 24, 2003 - 09:15 am:

Peg, I mean this to be no more offensive to you than it was to me when it occurred. I am just stating facts. Of special note on June 18 was your attempt to clear the room following the announcement of the candidates. Your comment was something to the effect of if all you wanted to know was who is going to run for office, you can leave now. No one moved. Peg, I wish I could send you a picture of yourself at that moment. Your feelings were very apparent.

Council puts their note on every meeting notice that they can amend the Agenda as needed, but this permanent transfer of money of over $65,000 is a serious topic, too serious for 2 days notice on the Agenda of a meeting that is rarely attended by many from the public. That, by itself, makes one consider the possibility that Council didn't want a lot of attention on this issue. And then, that thought becomes compounded with the above comment from Peg.

If Council couldn't make the next day's payroll, a stated urgency, why didn't they know that by the May meeting? On June 12, when the memo was written, the request was to be made at the June 27 meeting. On June 12, did they not know they couldn't make the June 19 or whenever payroll?

And did you see Harry change his tune? He has been singing for the last few years about the Town borrows money short term from the Realty Transfer Tax to handle the cash shortage so that it won't have to pay interest to the bank.
Now, he says they never did that. He wouldn't even agree that he ever said that. Now he says all transfers from the Realty Transfer Account were permanent.
"The reports were a mistake."
Many statements by Harry on June 18, 2003 seemed to be a contradiction of procedures practiced in the past to anyone who attended the meetings and paid attention. Either that, or his statements at the time were mistatements of what was occurring at the time. He can't have it both ways since the statements are at the opposite ends of a continuum.

Now, I see this rumor that what is needed is $155,000. Well, Harry wanted the outstanding $66 Grand not to be the answer to the $65 Grand, making the $131 Grand a minimal goal, so this rumor has a ring of believability.

Council, I believe your public would just like to know the real story. Why does this have to be so difficult to say or do?

Either way, this is current and by your silence, Council Members, you are condoning and continuing the practices that keep your Fenwick Island
public on special notice that they must continue to be Concerned Citizens. Pardon the Pun!
I am writing in my own name and do not represent anyone other than myself.

By slower Lower Delaware on Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 11:32 am:

It appears that 20/200 does not understand Debt Reduction. Salaries and payroll expenses are operating costs not a debt reduction. Karin and Elsie you are right and know a lot more about finances than 20/200. It sounds like 20/200 has attended the Harry school of fiscal wizardy. Confuse them with nonsense!!!

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