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By Dragnet on Wednesday, August 06, 2003 - 08:35 pm:

Jack Webb of the Dragnet Police, in a recent interview of FI Mayor Baunchalk a/k/a Peg, asked the following question in regard to the faxing of absentee ballots;
"Where are the Fax's?..........I only want the Fax, Maam !

By Jim Simpson on Thursday, August 07, 2003 - 12:17 pm:

What do you mean that absentee ballots were faxed? I was told to get my affidavit notarized, place the ballot in the envelope, wrap the affidavit around thr envelope and then mail it. I ended up sending the ballot by Fed Ex to make sure it got there in time. Was faxing legal?

By Undertow on Thursday, August 07, 2003 - 12:59 pm:

The same rules don't apply to everyone Mr. Simpson. Word is some absentee ballots were faxed back, and that the head of the F.I. elections board sent out a memo encouraging people to fax back their absentee ballots. (This is the same head of elections that endorsed one of the winning candidates. Certainly legal for her to do, but not a smart or ethical move on her part.)
If all of this is true then I'm sorry you wasted money on Fed ex and a notary if you had to pay for that. You could have just drawn something up using a crayon and faxed it back.

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