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Contact information for state representatives in Sussex County Delaware

Contacting State Representatives ...

Sussex County is represented in state government in Dover by 10 Representatives. Following is contact information for our state representatives:

(District served in parentheses)
  • PETER C. SCHWARTZKOPF (D-14, Rehoboth Beach)
    24 Coventry Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
    (O) 302-744-4351 -- (H) 302-227-6252
    e-mail: Committees: Corrections; Judiciary; Homeland Security; Public Safety; Policy Analysis and Government Accountability; Sunset; Tourism

  • GEORGE ROBERT QUILLEN (R-30, Harrington)
    3109 Hunting Quarter Rd., Harrington, DE 19952
    (O) 302-744-4803 -- (H) 302-398-8400
    e-mail: Committees: Agriculture; Appropriations (alt.); Joint Finance (alt.); Land Use & Infrastructure (vice-chair); Natural Resources & Environmental Management (chair); Transportation; Telecommunications; Internet & Technology; Veterans' Affairs

  • G. WALLACE CAULK (R-33, Frederica)
    4657 Barratt's Chapel Rd., Frederica, DE 19946
    (O) 302-744-4081 -- (H) 302-333-3305
    e-mail: Committees: Agriculture (chair); Capital Infrastructure; Health and Human Development; Land Use and Infrastructure; Natural Resources & Environmental Management

  • J. BENJAMIN EWING JR. (R-35, Bridgeville)
    6935 Federalsburg Rd., Bridgeville, DE 19933
    (O) 302-744-4150 -- (H) 302-337-7395
    Committees: Homeland Security; Public Safety, Chair; Veterans' Affairs

  • V. GEORGE CAREY (R-36, Milford)
    24625 Sugarhill Rd., Milford, DE 19963
    (O) 302-744-4119 -- (H) 302-422-4191
    e-mail: Committees: Agriculture (vice-chair); Bond Bill; Economic Development; Banking and Insurance; Natural Resources and Environmental Management, vice-chair

  • JOSEPH R. BOOTH (R-37, Georgetown)
    200 Garden St., Georgetown, DE 19947
    (O) 302-744-4425 -- (H) 302-856-9637
    e-mail: Committees: Agriculture; Corrections; Education; Judiciary; Natural Resources and Environmental Management (vice chair); Public Safety; Tourism; Veterans' Affairs

  • GERALD W. HOCKER (R-38, Ocean View)
    P.O. Box 930, Ocean View, DE 19970
    (O) 302-744-4381 -- (H) 302-539-4140
    e-mail: Committees: Agriculture; Business/Corporations/Commerce (vice chair); Economic Development; Banking and Insurance; Housing and Community Affairs; Land Use and Infrastructure; Natural Resources and Environmental Management; Revenue and Finance

  • EVELYN K. "TINA" FALLON (R-39, Seaford)
    10464 Gravelly Creek Lane, Seaford, DE 19973
    (O) 302-744-4172 -- (H) 302-629-8187
    e-mail: Committees: Appropriations (alt.); Economic Development; Banking and Insurance; Housing and Community Affairs; Joint Finance, Revenue and Finance; Tourism (vice-chair)

  • CLIFFORD G. LEE (R-40, Laurel)
    705 S. Central Ave., Laurel, DE 19956 (O) 302-744-4034 -- (H) 302-875-5119
    e-mail: Committees: Ethics; Homeland Security; House Administration; Legislative Council

  • JOHN ATKINS (R-41, Millsboro)
    RD 9, Box 225, Millsboro, DE 19966
    (O) 302-744-4082 -- (H) 302-934-1587
    e-mail: Committees: Agriculture (vice-chair); Corrections; Homeland Security; Judiciary; Natural Resources and Environmental Management; Public Safety; Veterans' Affairs

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