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Sussex Beat, Sept. 4, 2001

NOTE: Sussex Beat is a mix of news, analysis and commentary by Eric Magill, publisher of Sussex County Online.


Eric Magill, Sussex County Online

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School Year 2001-2002 ...

We've seen drivers do some incredibly stupid things around school buses.

And with the start of school all over Sussex County on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2001, we're reminded that with summer over, school buses are on the road again.

In the past, we've seen drivers, impatient with trailing a school bus that stops every so often, pass stopped school buses, completely ignoring the flashing red lights, the "Stop" sign sticking out from the bus, or even the guard rail buses now have on them.

Probably the worst incident of school bus rage we've seen, though, was the driver who passed a school bus on the shoulder   as kids stepped off. How none of those kids were hit ranks as a miracle.

With such incidents of school bus rage fresh in our memory, we figure we can't do much to prevent stupid driver tricks, but we can offer some school bus safety tips for kids and parents from the American Red Cross:

  • Line up facing the school bus door -- not along the side of the school bus;

  • Don't play in the street while waiting for the school bus;

  • Carry your belongings in a backpack or book bag so you don't end up fumbling with your books or supplies while boarding the bus;

  • Never reach under a school bus to get anything that has rolled or fallen underneath;

  • After getting off the school bus, move immediately onto the sidewalk or road shoulder, out of traffic;

  • Wait for a signal from the bus driver before you cross the street. Walk at least 10 steps away from the front of the bus so that the bus driver can see you;

  • Never cross the street behind the bus.

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