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Sussex County Storm Center
Current Storms ...

When a major storm such as a hurricane, a nor'easter or a blizzard is headed our way, you can visit the Sussex County Online Weather Page for details on approaching storms and reports on any storm damage.

You can also visit the sections below for more information on past tropical storms and things you should know in the event a major tropical storm does come our way, and visit our Winter Storm Preparation Page.

You can also check the Beach on Bethany Cam for an up-to-the-minute look at a storm's impact on the coast.

You can tune to your NOAA Weather Radio, your local radio or television stations, or the NWS web site at

Storm Preparation ...
Past Storms ...

Watches, Warnings ...
  • Coastal Flood Watch -- Possible inundation of land areas along the coast within 12 to 36 hours.
  • Coastal Flood Warning -- Land areas along coast expected to be inundated by water.
  • Tropical Storm Watch -- Sustained winds of 39 to 73 miles per hour possible within 36 hours.
  • Tropical Storm Warning -- Tropical storm conditions expected within 24 hours.
  • Hurricane Watch -- Sustained winds of more than 73 miles per hour possible within 36 hours.
  • Hurricane Warning -- Hurricane conditions expected within 24 hours.

Hurricane Preparations ...
  • Hurricane Watches
    1. Have plenty of non-perishable food and water.
    2. Plan an escape route in case of evacuation (Routes 9, 24, 26, 54 in Sussex County).
    3. Make sure your car's gas tank is full.
    4. Listen for weather information
    5. Check survival kit.
    6. Make sure medical prescriptions are filled and medicines are packed to go.
    7. Gather up important papers, including idenitification.
    8. Make sure pets have plenty of food and water and make any arrangements if you can't take them with you to an emergency shelter.

  • Hurricane Warnings
    1. Leave beachfront and low-lying areas.
    2. Leave mobile homes for more substantial shelter.
    3. Stay in your home if it is sturdy, on high ground and not near the beach, but if you're asked to evacuate, do so.
    4. Have a battery-operated radio with plenty of batteries for hurricane advisories and safety information.
    5. Move garbage cans, deck furniture and other large objects into your house or garage or anchor them securely.
    6. Board up windows or cover them with protective shutters or tape them for reinforcement.
    7. Store any vehicles you leave behind.
    8. Moor boats securely or take them out of the water if possible.
    9. Shut off water, electricty and gas.
    10. If you have a swimming pool, cover the pump filter.
    11. If you live in a mobile home, check tie-downs and always get out immediately and go to a safe place.
    12. IF AN EVACUATION ORDER IS ISSUED, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY (Unless you've determined it's safe to stay.)

  • When You Return Home
    1. Check to see that refrigerated food hasn't spoiled if there has been a power outage.
    2. Use emergency water rationing or boil water out of tap until you're notified water supply is safe to drink.
    3. Check electrical, water and gas lines as soon as possible. Report any damage immediately.
    4. Make emergency repairs to prevent further damage.

Evacuation Necessities ...

If you must evacuate, you should take the following with you to the shelter:

  • Bedding (sleeping bags, pillows, blankets)
  • Medications
  • Important documents
  • Change of clothes
  • Flashlight in case power goes out in shelter
  • Battery-operated radio to keep track of storm
  • Game or book to pass the time

Saffir-Simpson Scale ...
Category 1
74-95 miles per hour
Category 2
96-110 miles per hour
Category 3
111-130 miles per hour
Category 4
131-155 miles per hour
Category 5
+ 155 miles per hour

Hurricane Links ...
  • A Hurricane Primer
    A quick look at things you should know about hurricanes, such as how to prepare and what to do after you've returned home if you have been evacuated.

  • AccuWeather Hurricane Information
    In Depth Information about Past, Present and Forecasted Hurricanes, with weather maps, tracking maps and history of storms. Very easy to use.

  • National Hurricane Center
    Forecasts, images and reconaissance.

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Outstanding site by FEMA that provides tons of information on preparing for and recovering from natural disasters.

  • American Red Cross
    Home page of relief organization with advice on helping out in times of disasters such as hurricanes.

  • Hurricane History
    The Weather Channel's list of past significant hurricanes and retired hurricane nams.

  • WeatherNet Software Archive
    A library of Weather-related software for weather mapping and hurricane tracking, among others.

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