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Seat Belt Bill
Passes House
Seat Belt Bill ...

Two Sussex Reps Vote
for Bill, Four Against

A controversial bill that would allow police officers to pull motorists over for not wearing their seat belts passed the Delaware House of Representatives on Tuesday.

The House voted 27-10 to pass H.B. 19 and send it to the Senate.

Current law only allows officers to cite motorists for not wearing seat belts after pulling them over for another violation.

Violators will incur a $28.75 fine but an amendment to the bill struck a proposal to also tack on penalty points to a driver's license.

Sussex County representatives voting for the measure were Shirley Price (D-38, Bethany Beach) and John Schroeder (D-37, Lewes).

Sussex representatives voting against the bill were V. George Carey (R-36, Milford), Tina Fallon (R-39, Seaford), Clifford "Biff" Lee (R-40, Laurel) and Charles West (D-41, Gumboro).

Rep. Ben Ewing Jr. (R-35, Bridgeville) was absent.

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