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Indian River Inlet

Photos: Above, curiosity seekers filtered into Indian River Inlet Sunday afternoon to watch the storm. Below, the ocean was reaching the pilings of oceanfront houses on South Bethany's vulnerable Ocean Drive on Sunday afternoon.

The National Weather Service expects some minor coastal flooding on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, from a winter storm that has fizzled from earlier dire predictions.

Ocean Drive, South BethanyThe NWS said at 4:07 a.m. Tuesday that winds that turned northwest on Monday and alleviated the threat of flooding then are expected to become more northerly today and possibly create minor flooding on the Sussex coast and in the back bays around the high tides this evening and Wednesday morning.

The bigger problem now appears to be gale force northerly winds that the NWS said could cause "considerable" beach erosion late today into Wednesday.

Periods of light snow are also expected today, the NWS said, with accumulations of less than 2 inches.

p>Shelters opened by the American Red Cross on Sunday in anticipation of much more severe flooding were closed on Monday as it became apparent the storm would not be as threatening as originally believed.

The start of snow Monday at lunch time did cause one Sussex school system, the Indian River School District, to announce it would close one hour early today.

The storm that had been anticipated for several days did arrive in Sussex County on Sunday afternoon with heavy rain, strong winds, higher water levels and rough seas.

Curiosity seekers headed to the beaches and Indian River Inlet to watch the storm's arrival.

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