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Sussex County legislators Biff Lee and Shirley Price have introduced a bill to provide more money for volunteer fire companies in Delaware and Tina Fallon has introduced a resolution to conduct a fiscal analysis of a state department of tourism.

Lee (R-Laurel), the House Minority Whip, and Price (D-Millville), are sponsoring House Bill 190 along with Rep. Bruce Ennis (D-Smyrna). Introduced on Tuesday, April 24, 2001, the bill would create the Volunteer Fire Service Revolving Fund.

The fund would be administered by the Delaware Council on Volunteer Fire Service, which would also be created by the bill. It would be used to provide loans to upgrade fire and rescue equipment and improve facilities.

So far, 32 of the state's 62 Representatives and Senators have signed in support of the bill. The General Assembly is out of session until Tuesday, May 1.

Also introduced on Tuesday, April 24, was House Resolution 10, which requests that the State Controller General's Office conduct a fiscal analysis to determine the cost of establishing a state department of tourism.

In sponsoring the bill, Fallon said tourists account for more than $1.1 billion in spending and $220 million in wages and salaries every year to make tourism the state's second largest industry behind agriculture.

Fallon, a Republican from Seaford, says tourism's importance to the state's economy warrants exploring the creation of a department dedicated to it.

Other bills introduced on April 24 include House Bill 194, which would allow law enforcement officers to seek permission for wiretaps in rape cases and some sex and pornography crimes involving children. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Bob Valihura Jr. (R-Talleyville), would only permit such wiretaps under order of the Delaware Superior Court.

Rep. Donna Stone (R-Dover South) introduced House Bill 204, which would mandate that health insurers cover certain breas reconstruction procedures in conjunction with mastectomies.

Rep. Tim Boulden (R-Newark) introduced House Bill 201, which would allow students who don't to participate in animal dissections to be given an alternative lesson designed to convey the same information.

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