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Korotki Project

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Following are the stipulations Sussex County Council has placed on the proposed development by Abe Korotki for apartments and single-family homes on the southern border of Ocean View.

  1. The maximum number of units shall not exceed 179 homes, comprised as single-family lots, single-family cluster homes, and multi-family units.

  2. Residential Building Permits shall be limited to 100 permits cumulative per year.

  3. The RPC shall be served as part of a Sussex County Sewer System.

  4. The RPC shall be served by a water company providing water for consumption and fire protection per applicable regulations and approvals by DNREC, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, the Division of Public Health, and the Public Service Commission.

  5. All entrance, intersection, and roadway improvements required by DelDOT and/or the Town of Ocean View shall be completed by the applicant in accordance with any further modifications required by DelDOT and/or the Town of Ocean View.

  6. The project shall be phased. The phasing plan shall be subject to review and approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

  7. The applicant shall provide all recreational amenities upon completion of 50 percent of the construction of the multi-family units and the sale of 50 percent of the single family lots. The project will include a private clubhouse, and recreational facilities with game rooms, fitness center, spa/sauna, indoor/outdoor pools, and tennis courts.

  8. All streets and driveways shall be constructed to Sussex County specifications for private subdivision streets.

  9. Street lighting shall be provided.

  10. No commercial activities shall be permitted except for the maintenance facilities established to maintain the entire project.

  11. Stormwater management facilities shall comply with all State and County regulations.

  12. Bike Paths and sidewalks will be provided throughout the project. The sidewalks will be constructed along at least one side of each street.

  13. No boats, boat trailers, travel trailers or personal storage facilities will be permitted on the site.

  14. Wetlands will not be disturbed, except where permitted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Federal wetland boundary shall become, at a minimum, the building restriction line. The applicant shall establish "best management practices" in regard to maintenance and protection of non-tidal wetlands. The applicant shall file a nutrient management program with the appropriate agencies.

  15. The applicant shall be required to submit a landscaping plan, prepared by a registered landscape architect. The plan shall be subject to review and approval by the State Forester with final approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

  16. No site preparation, site disturbance, excavation, or other construction shall be commenced until all other permits required by all other laws, ordinances, rules and regulations shall have been issued and the final site plan is approved.

  17. The site plan shall be subject to review and approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission upon receipt of all appropriate agency approvals.
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