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Milford Girl in
Spelling Bee Final
2001 National Spelling Bee ...

Can Win Title in
Finals on Thursday

Milford Middle School student Rebecca Clendaniel finished 35th in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee on Thursday, May 31, 2001.

Clendaniel, a fifth grader, advanced to the nationally televised finals of the event against 86 other contestants. The annual competition drew 9 million students from across the county in state and local contests.

On Thursday, Clendaniel was eliminated by the word "obmutescence". Obmutescence means to become dumb or mute.

Thirteen-year-old Sean Conley of Shakopee, Minn., won the national title and $10,000 first prize by spelling "succedaneum" in the 16th round."

Clendaniel spelled "repentant" and "libri" correctly on Wednesday to reach the finals. Repenant means to feel regret, while libri means books of public records.

Clendaniel spelled "empennage" correctly on Tuesday. An empennage is the tail assembly of an airplane.

One of 248 qualifiers for the national spelling bee, Clendaniel advanced to the competition in Washington, D.C., by winning the Delaware State Spelling Bee in March.

Clendaniel participates in chorus and band at Milford Middle School. She is the daughter of Robert and Janet Clendaniel.

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